June 2016

California names, shames and penalizes medical mistake-makers—but to what end?
IR team uses active dosimetry to reduce workers’ radiation exposure
Coming soon to a living room near you: home-based imaging?
Concussions may sink more water polo players than you might expect
Cyber outlaws starting to see medical imaging systems as juicy hack targets
Utilization-management program points out positives of radiologist involvement
HTG Molecular Diagnostics Announces VERI/O Laboratory Service
Insignia team grows with appointment of Software Engineer
MEDIAN Technologies and START expand relationship to three new centers in Grand Rapids, MI and Madrid, Spain
Local Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Gets National Street Cred
Siemens Healthineers Announces First Install of Multitom Rax Twin Robotic X-ray System
Gov. Cuomo signs new legislation to increase access to breast cancer screening in N.Y.
More precise MRI technique works better for patients with dilated cardiomyopathy
Intermountain docs image, model and save patient’s kidney
MRI study uncovers commonness of knee problems in pain-free basketball players
Seeing is believing? An essay on the history of fetal imaging
Vampirism in the ER traces to war brain injury
High PSA levels in middle-age men could indicate higher risk for prostate cancer
Study: Microbes may be linked to breast cancer
Nonstandard patient positioning shows promise in intraoperative breast MRI
IBM Watson forms imaging coalition
Study: Transmissible cancers not as rare as once believed
Big benefits by radiologist review of—and consultation over—imaging orders
MR Solutions offers choice of two preclinical cryogen-free MRI scanner ranges
iCAD Commends Final USPSTF Recommendations for Colorectal Cancer Screening Including Computed Tomography Colonography (CTC)
MDxHealth Announces Agreement with Major Academic Medical Center for ConfirmMDx Testing
Multimedia image tracking enables headache-free HIPAA compliance
Mach7’s Enterprise Image Sharing Solution Selected for Image Share Validation Program Sponsored by RSNA
Royal Philips acquires PathXL, hopes to boost digital pathology industry
Non-physician clinicians aren’t responsible for more low-value imaging utilization than docs are
Osteoporosis drug shows potential for preventing breast cancer
Elbow pain in baseball players better diagnosed with dual-modality imaging
Teenage rebellion might be caused by abnormal brain development, study suggests
Do severe injuries distract radiologists from finding minor issues in the same image?
Breach in blood-brain barrier after stroke could mean more severe bleeding after treatment
New study reveals why patients quit antiplatelet medication
Changing protocols could help reduce radiation exposure in certain CT-guided biopsies
Cancer physicians want pediatricians to increase use of HPV vaccine
Joint Commission modifies CT technologists’ certification guidelines
Device with sci-fi name may make molecular-imaging systems better and safer
First fruits arrive from the HIMSS-SIIM enterprise-imaging workgroup
Teaching hospital documents the pros and cons of going to overnight attending rad coverage
Deceitful imaging-center entrepreneur headed for jail
Don’t look now, but virtual reality has set its sights on healthcare
Gray matter differences imaged in diabetic teens
IDC MarketScape Report Names Mach7 a Leader in U.S. Healthcare Provider VNA/AICA Unstructured Data Platforms for Integrated Care
Millennial rad residents learn healthcare economics better with apps
MITA Commends USPSTF Endorsement of CT Colonography as an Effective Colorectal Cancer Screening Option for the Medicare Population
Affordable Conversions to Digital Radiography Can Help Mitigate Pending Reimbursement Reductions
Enterprise innovations at SIIM 2016
Working together across the enterprise
Imaging OEMs may find a major market in—did you say Cuba?
USPSTF update: ‘Not enough’ people getting screened for colorectal cancer
Ovarian tumors can’t hide from surgeons guided by new optical-imaging agent
Michael J. Fox Foundation offers $2 million for new Parkinson's imaging test
Autism spectrum disorders owe to sensory nerve misfires, not just brain deficits
PET pinpoints tau tangles as cause of Alzheimer's effects
Healthcare transparency, done right and deemed newsworthy
Decision support probably isn’t to blame for much ‘imaging leakage’
Nuke-med therapy designed Down Under wins vs. neuroendocrine tumors
Knee osteoarthritis best imaged with patient standing, bearing own weight
Will fewer healthcare metrics lead to fewer provider headaches?
MRI-guided laser ablation precisely targets prostate tumors
Facebook reaches younger patients who stand to benefit by early treatment of inflammatory back pain
ACR Supports Senate Bill to Extend Protection of Women’s Access to Annual Mammography
Kentucky Hospital Installs New DR Room and Portable X-ray Systems to Enhance Imaging for Urgent Care and Inpatients
EIZO Acquires Endoscopy Monitor Business from Panasonic Healthcare for further growth of healthcare business
Diffusion MR proves adept at predicting concussion outcomes
Radiologist, practice sued for failing to catch brain tumor
Miniature multimodality scanner said to be in development for endoscopic imaging
CT colonography can’t compete with colonoscopy on some high-risk polyps
Cerebral microbleeds and dementia: Number and location matter
Radiotracer PET beats morphological imaging in prostate cancer analysis
‘Hyperscanning’ shows sex differences in the brains of pairs asked to cooperate with one another
A monarch is wowed by the wonders of modern medical imaging
Composition of fat in breast tissue has a bearing on cancer risk
Non-imaging MR application helps head off sepsis in children
Oncology society’s data-analytics subsidiary growing fast
A new weapon is emerging in the war against pancreatic cancer
Not ready for clinical primetime: 3D tomosynthesis images rendered in 2D
MR goes beyond imaging concussion to fleshing out its features, case by case
Direct-to-patient study recruitment proves a hit in breast cancer project
Merry X-Ray Adds Health Tech Inc.
New tumor illuminator in the works
Diffusion imaging zeroes in on specific prostate-cancer sections
Sheryl Crow named Hologic's national celebrity spokesperson for breast cancer educational campaign
Radiology board moves ahead with pilot replacement of 10-year MOC exam
Researchers image iron distribution in Alzheimer brains
FDA approves new PET agent for finding neuroendocrine tumors
Brain science acts to manage a scientist surplus while averting a brain drain
Intelerad’s Panorama Provides Universal Access to Diagnostic-Grade Medical Images
Diagnostic radiology educators aren’t using advanced simulation techniques, but they may soon change their tune
Tenn., N.H. enact licensure laws for radiologic technologists
MIM Software receives FDA clearance to market products running on tablets through thin client technology
Automated breast ultrasound comes up a winner in dense-breast screening
Nancy M. Cappello on the transformative power of social media
New PET agent to detect prostate cancer gets FDA OK