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A cardiac CT scan being performed on a Cardiograph dedicated cardiac CT scanner at a Duly Health and Care outpatient clinic. Photo by Dave Fornell

In a new video, Evans Pap­pas, MD, and Sujith Kalathiveetil, MD, both of Duly Health and Care in suburban Chicago, explain the shift toward office-based cardiac CT evaluations and the role of FFR-CT. 


The bills update the ages at which insurance carriers are required to cover screening mammograms and add language that includes tomosynthesis in the definition of mammographic screening.

Examples of two lung cancers that were caught using low dose CT lung screening. Image from RSNA

The ACR said a recent reimbursement rule change for low-dose computed tomography (CT) lung screen scans will help open up screening to more patients. 

The analysis examined 620 cancer imaging studies from the top 25 imaging-related journals to come up with publication-to-incidence and publication-to-mortality ratios. 

CT scan showing lung cancer nodules with measurements of each nodule to track growth or regression from treatment. Image courtesy of RSNA

The American College of Radiology recently released a detailed summary of the National Coverage Determination related to screening for lung cancer with low dose CT.

The U.S. Congress is working on healthcare legislation to fix medicare reimbursements and end annual cuts to physicians.

Numerous medical imaging societies, including the ACR, signed onto a letter dated Feb. 25 that was sent to members of Congress requesting collaboration on reforms to the Medicare physician payment system.

UnitedHealthcare UHC UnitedHealth

Patients will pay lower out-of-pocket costs for receiving imaging services at UHC-approved Designated Diagnostic Providers.

Medical Bills

About 1 in 3 Americans experience distress related to medical costs, and more fear paying for a serious illness rather than the illness itself, according to a new JACR study.

medical billing_5.jpg

The maximum charge for a contrast-enhanced pelvic CT was listed as $14,238 compared to a minimum of $193, exemplifying a wide variation in exam pricing.

Patient movement during MR exams can cost $115,000 per scanner annually, prompting researchers to call for enhanced motion correction techniques.

hip dysplasia joint socket

Intraoperative fluoroscopy is beneficial if it can prevent even 1 corrective, follow-up surgery out of every 400 total hip arthroplasties, doctors reported in the Journal of Arthroplasty.

RBMA’s 2022 Compensation Survey provided insights and benchmarks for Executive and Marketing leadership of member Radiology groups. healthcare value value-based care money dollar

Imaging ranks fourth among the top five highest medical specialty pay gaps, surpassed only by anesthesiology, OB-GYN and orthopedic surgery.

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There is not agreement among the top structural heart experts if CT is required for left atrial appendage occlusion (LAAO), but a Henry Ford Hospital study shows it can improve outcomes.

Ron Blankstein, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital, explains recent advances in coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) technology. 

With the elevation of cardiac CT to a 1A indication in the 2021 Chest Pain Guidelines, there has been a large amount of interest in starting coronary artery CT angiography (CCTA) programs. 

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