Practice Management

Practice management involves overseeing all business aspects of a medical practice including financials, human resources, information technology, compliance, marketing and operations.

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Radiologists need better access to patient data stored in the electronic medical record, imaging IT expert Rik Primo explains. 

Imaging IT expert Rik Primo discusses emerging issues he saw at RSNA and HIMSS.

Many new imaging solutions were on display at the world's largest health informatics conference, held at McCormick Place in Chicago.

CT scanner Canon Aquilion One 320 slice system at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital. Radiology technologists ready to prep a patient for a scan.

FDA updates and rescinds several radiation protection recommendations

According to the Federal Register, the FDA is repealing these radiation protection recommendations because they have become “outdated” and “unnecessary.” 

January 26, 2023

Bayer acquires AI solutions provider Blackford Analysis

The Edinburgh-based business made the announcement on Jan. 18, noting that the acquisition will build on the company’s goals to “improve the lives of patients and populations by unlocking the adoption and benefits of medical imaging AI.” 

January 18, 2023

Do non-physician providers request contrast-enhanced imaging more often?

The growing presence of non-physician practitioners has created an increased demand for contrast-enhanced imaging, according to new data.

January 17, 2023
kid child pediatric MRI imaging

Number of kids needing sedation prior to imaging drastically drops following intervention

At one institution, the intervention resulted in an average cost savings of $139,367.80 per year.

January 13, 2023

'Reflexive management' of incidental findings causes more harm than good

While there are numerous formulas to help guide providers in managing incidental findings, there is limited data available on the outcomes and cost-effectiveness of the subsequent evaluations that follow.

January 12, 2023
Virtual Meeting

What radiologists should consider before taking on a remote position

Radiology is one of the few medical specialties that allow for location flexibility, but what clinicians gain in the convenience of working from home, they lose in the form of fulfillment that only physical presence can offer, some argue. 

January 9, 2023

For many radiologists, physical discomfort hinders productivity

A new study reports that nearly 80% of radiologists experience some sort of musculoskeletal pain while working. 

January 5, 2023

Nuclear Regulatory Commission to reconsider extravasation reporting requirements

The NRC noted that advancements in nuclear medicine and increased use of radiopharmaceuticals prompted the commission to reconsider the exclusion of extravasation from medical event reporting.  

January 3, 2023
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