MRI study shows how magic mushrooms affect brain connectivity in a way that allows people to temporarily escape reality

A new MRI analysis shows how psilocybin temporarily alters the signals of the brain’s default mode network.

Adjusting contrast dose based on a patient’s lean body weight provides the same image quality as other administration methods, new data show.

Coronary CCTA cardiac CT training for interventional cardiologists, GE session at TCT 2023. Photo by Dave Fornell

The Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography has developed a new expert consensus document designed to get physicians on the same page when discussing this growing technology. 

New data details an association between the implementation of structured templates and a reduction in patients being admitted to the intensive care unit. 

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The new images were captured at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility using hierarchical phase-contrast tomography. One specialist called them "Google Earth for the human heart." 

New data out of England provides cardiologists and radiologists with another reminder of AI's potential to transform healthcare. 

Cardiologist Theodore Abraham, MD, has been an ASE member for more than two decades. He is now the organization's 2024-2025 president.