With the shortage, which pertains specifically to all formulations and concentrations of GE Healthcare’s Omnipaque (iohexol), expected to last until mid-June, several organizations have eluded that conservation efforts are of critical importance.#contrastshortage #CTcontrast #iodinatedcontrast

Around one out of every 1,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism every year, but even more undergo imaging to rule out clots.  

physician acceptance of generative AI

A new analysis suggests that physicians who utilize secure messaging platforms for workplace communications might also spend more time taking calls.

Philips Zenition 90 Motorized mobile C-arm with flat detector

The motorized component removes the need for manual positioning adjustments during procedures, improving both accuracy and efficiency.

These changes are especially prevalent in women who have the surgery before the age of 40, new research suggests. 

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Automated AI-generated measurements combined with annotated CT images can improve treatment planning and help referring physicians and patients better understand their disease, explained Sarah Jane Rinehart, MD, director of cardiac imaging with Charleston Area Medical Center.

Two advanced algorithms—one for CAC scores and another for segmenting cardiac chamber volumes—outperformed radiologists when assessing low-dose chest CT scans. 

"Gen AI can help tackle repetitive tasks and provide insights into massive datasets, saving valuable time," Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said Tuesday.