MRI safety zone warning sign at entrance into an MRI imaging room at Northwestern Central DuPage Hospital.

The course’s release follows a slew of reported MRI accidents that have occurred in recent years, many that resulted in severe injury and some that were even fatal.

In the past, when initial CT scans didn’t uncover anything suspicious, patients were often referred for a lumbar puncture to check for blood in their spinal fluid. But those recommendations have started to change.


There are still nearly 30 million people who actively smoke in the United States.

interstitial lung disease reporting data system

ILD-RADS was developed to address issues with inconsistency when reading high-resolution CT scans of the lungs in patients with a suspected interstitial lung disease.

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"Gen AI can help tackle repetitive tasks and provide insights into massive datasets, saving valuable time," Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said Tuesday. 

SCAI and four other major healthcare organizations signed a joint letter in support of intravascular ultrasound. 

The newly approved AI models are designed to improve the detection of pulmonary embolisms and strokes in patients who undergo CT scans.