Neuroradiology is a branch of medical imaging focused on spotting abnormalities of the central and peripheral nervous system, spine, head and neck. These highly trained doctors use CT, MRI, X-ray and other techniques to diagnose strokes, tumors, aneurysms and other neurological conditions.

Cureus, ICH on CT

AI system boosts intracranial hemorrhage detection

“This study implies that future clinical workflows may see AI be used in an adjunct capacity to improve interpretations of CT scans by helping call radiologists' attention to findings that may be overlooked.” 

October 14, 2022
troubled child

MRI scans portray the significant impact of childhood neglect

“Here we show that that the opportunities that a child has in early life to learn and grow will impact not just their behavior but their actual brain development and brain structure for years to come,” authors of the new research shared.

October 12, 2022
cerebral palsy PET imaging

How PET imaging could benefit children with cerebral palsy

These new findings could help providers differentiate and manage CP associated with different levels of motor impairment, authors of the study indicated.

October 7, 2022
An example of a positive amyloid plaque PET nuclear brain scan. these tests can help identify Alzheimer's patients earlier so they can be prescribed drugs to treat the condition.

A new Alzheimer's drug therapy appears effective. What might this mean for the future of amyloid PET?

Previously, CMS determined that coverage for patients receiving treatment was dependent on their being enrolled in a CMS-approved clinical trial under coverage with evidence development (CED).

September 29, 2022

Fetal MRI reveals how opioid use during pregnancy limits brain growth in utero

This study is one of the largest to date to assess brain growth in opioid-exposed fetuses in utero. 

September 28, 2022
focused ultrasound Parkinson's

MRI-guided focused ultrasound an effective tool in the fight against Parkinson's disease

The results of a new trial offer “much needed progress” in the treatment of PD, experts involved in the study suggested. 

September 28, 2022

Experts call for guidelines limiting interpretations during busy shifts, citing a reduction in error rates

When exam volumes increase, so too does the risk of diagnostic errors in interpretations, many of which can be clinically significant.

September 27, 2022
The approach—called GammaTile—involves placing small radiation seeds at a tumor site during surgery.

New radiation therapy treatment stalls recurrence while sparing healthy tissue in patients with brain cancer

The treatment has the potential to “extend lifespans and improve quality of life” in patients with brain cancer, according to experts at UC San Diego Health. 

September 19, 2022

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