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Having cervical spine radiographs completed at an urgent care rather than a cervical CT scan in the emergency department, one hospital system saved an estimated $437,928 in healthcare costs in one year.

A cardiac CT scan being performed at Duly Healthcare in suburban Chicago in the spring of 2022. This is one of the first outpatient cardiology clinics in the U.S. to implement a CCTA program for screening non-acute chest pain patients and for structural heart evaluations. This applies to CCTA, CTA, Cardiac CT, and CT angiography and coronary CT angiography.

With the elevation of cardiac CT to a 1A indication in the 2021 Chest Pain Guidelines, there has been a large amount of interest in starting coronary artery CT angiography (CCTA) programs. 

The findings are the result of an analysis of more than 13,000 imaging reports containing additional follow-up recommendations.

AI cardiology vendor Cleerly offers an FDA-cleared coronary artery soft plaque assessment.

The company has now raised $248M in total to help develop, commercialize and market its FDA-cleared technology. 

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Women who skipped screening due to financial concerns outnumbered those who were not screened due to logistical issues such as scheduling and transportation conflicts, new survey data reveals. 

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The report placed radiologists’ annual compensation 6th among the top 10 highest physician salaries.


“CMS couldn’t have picked a worse time to cut Medicare payments to physicians,” said RBMA Executive Director Bob Still.

With the shortage, which pertains specifically to all formulations and concentrations of GE Healthcare’s Omnipaque (iohexol), expected to last until mid-June, several organizations have eluded that conservation efforts are of critical importance.#contrastshortage #CTcontrast #iodinatedcontrast

GE previously indicated that the iodinated contrast shortage would resolve by the end of June.

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The alerts resulted in an overall reduction of CT scans—down to 29.8% from 38.6%—and increased PECARN guideline adherence.

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Unique to radiologists is that their workloads have not yet declined to the pre-pandemic levels seen in 2019 like other specialties have started to witness.

An international panel of experts recently developed and validated a reporting assessment scoring system that analyzes the location and extent of prostate cancer recurrence. 

Preoperative MRI use increased substantially from 2003 to 2016—from 2.9% to 28.2% to be exact—but the modality remained underutilized in certain regions and among specific populations in the United States.


With the help of AI, technologists at a hospital in Guyana were able to reduce mammographic positioning error rates from 20% to 5%.

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There is not agreement among the top structural heart experts if CT is required for left atrial appendage occlusion (LAAO), but a Henry Ford Hospital study shows it can improve outcomes.

Ron Blankstein, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital, explains recent advances in coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) technology. 

With the elevation of cardiac CT to a 1A indication in the 2021 Chest Pain Guidelines, there has been a large amount of interest in starting coronary artery CT angiography (CCTA) programs. 

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