August 2021

AI carries ‘enormous potential’ to transform cardiac MRI, reduce scan times without using contrast
Parents sue top children’s hospital alleging negligent care, MRI delays contributed to son’s death
Breast radiologists’ opinions diverge on how to structure resident education, rotations
New tool helps providers choose follow-up imaging or treatment for patients with aneurysm growth
NorthStar wins federally backed $37M agreement to advance Mo-99 capabilities
Radiologists, nonphysicians both say PCPs and referrers responsible for incidental findings follow-ups
NIH doles out $11.2M for new super-resolution genome imaging center
Transformative prostate cancer therapy ‘should not be accepted’ without PET imaging
Imaging center has credentials revoked following ‘severe’ issues with mammography screening
HHS announces webinar to help radiologists, other clinicians maneuver info-blocking rules
AI automates radiologists’ decision to perform prostate MRI scans with or without contrast
CT technologist organizes protest against hospital’s vaccine, testing requirements
Portable MRI helps radiologists spot life-threatening brain bleeding in stroke patients
Playing sports such as baseball, tennis does not increase odds of OA visible on hand X-rays
Women who sit down with PCPs are more likely caught up on vital cancer screenings
Digital pathology lab deploys ‘world’s 1st’ AI-powered solution for gastrointestinal cancers
Ultrasound is crucial to prenatal care, yet new evidence reveals ‘substantial’ disparities
Reader-friendly myocardial perfusion imaging reports connect patients with their own healthcare
Hospitals, insurers charging ‘wildly’ different amounts for same imaging services, new investigation reveals
Radiologists use algorithm to diagnose tricky lung disease typically reserved for thoracic specialists
FDA announces recall of venous catheter product after missing instructions contribute to 2 deaths
Half of men with low-risk prostate cancer move from surveillance to treatment within a few years
ACR TI-RADS recommends 25%-50% fewer biopsies than other commonly used thyroid systems
US regulators considering changes to long-standing extravasation reporting requirements
Artificial intelligence specialist wins FDA clearance for brain injury CT software
Why radiologists should consider earlier follow-up imaging for many Lung-RADS cases
Radiologists investigate learning curve for performing CT-guided thoracic biopsies
FDA urges providers ‘immediately’ stop using ultrasound gel as bacterial infections multiply
Retired radiologist pushes for change after navigating healthcare as a patient with cancer
CT scans reveal 9/11 responders face increased risk of liver disease
Prediction models prevent 45% of false-positives in MRI breast cancer screening program
Deep learning valuable for assessing coronary plaques on CCTA scans
New blood test for prostate cancer screening cuts unnecessary MRI scans by 36%
Radiologists-in-training saddled with 162% increase in neuroimaging work over recent years
RSNA will require proof of vaccination, masks at this year’s annual meeting
Patients paying out of pocket for medical imaging to avoid lengthy wait times
Routine CT scans offer radiologists opportunity to detect costly bone problems
With a single MRI scan, artificial intelligence classifies intracranial brain tumors
Radiologists among the most in-demand health workers, earning No. 5 highest starting salary
ACR warns against using ‘arbitrary’ radiation dose metrics to guide medical imaging decisions
Instant data dump mandated by info-blocking rules doing more harm than good, physician group argues
AI, 30 second MRI scan predict pregnancy complications
Radiology navigators may save millions from malpractice lawsuits by closing gaps in follow-up care
Former ACR president McGinty appointed to new leadership position at Weill Cornell Medicine
Artificial intelligence specialist Caption Health gains Medicare coverage for ultrasound platform
Fewer than 2% of patients know which imaging contrast caused their allergic reaction
Practices not aligned on renal scintigraphy protocols—it may be hurting kidney imaging results
Hybrid PET/MRI spares 20% of brain tumor patients from unnecessary follow-up treatment
Prostate MRI software beats out young radiologists using PI-RADS, but seasoned expert still outperforms
FDA announces recall of ultrasound gel following at least 15 bacterial infections
HHS seeking feedback on changes impacting radiology and informatics communities
Deep learning triages chest X-rays with tuberculosis, rivaling radiologists and pulmonary experts
CMS renews payment coverage for’s stroke CT platform
GE Healthcare, NorthStar sign exclusive radioisotope agreement
Neuroimaging in the ED increased by 72% in recent years, with CTA a top contributor
Disproportionate CT use for minor injuries is pushing emergency spine imaging utilization skyward
Hospital system sues insurer for $1B over losses from imaging, other tests during COVID-19
Radiologists use structured CT reports to create database of metastatic cancer patterns
Stanford AI center's new platform grants worldwide access to free medical imaging datasets
Society of Interventional Radiology issues guidance for minimally invasive lung cancer treatments
General radiologists aren’t extinct yet—they’re more important than ever