August 2017

NHL players slow to donate brains for concussion research
New research shows benefits of beginning annual screening mammography at 40
MRI illuminates changes in brain microstructure after concussion
Left ventricular puncture proposed for whole-body PMCTA
Scientist talks to vegetative patients—and MRIs light up
7 steps to combat bullying in radiology
PET outperforms SPECT, CCTA in diagnosing coronary artery disease
Surgeon-performed ultrasound recommended for appendicitis imaging
Whistleblower radiologist fired by the VA tells his story
Brain PET scans change management of patients with possible Alzheimer’s
Trabeculation, myocardial function linked via cardiac MRI
Ultrasound, other tests point to chronic shoulder problems for swimmers
Direct patient access to radiology reports: Up for debate
Australian Medicare under fire for ‘freezing’ many patients out of imaging
1st-year med students edified by intro to interventional radiology
Ultrasound shows high diagnostic performance, interobserver agreement for pediatric appendicitis
FUJIFILM Captures New Customers For Its Synapse Enterprise Imaging Solutions
Fujifilm Captures New Customers for its Synapse Enterprise Imaging Solutions
Investor outlet: ‘AI can do things a radiologist can’t even come close to doing’
AI will augment rather than replace radiologists: How and why
Researchers use CT, 3D printing to examine 400M-year-old fossil
‘The history of medical imaging has had its tradeoffs’—and so will its future
3 ways radiologists can fend off repetitive stress injury
Researchers recommend better hearing protection for MRI patients
RamSoft Announces Substantial Additions to their US & International Sales & Support Teams
St. Cloud Hospital Enhances Emergency Department Capabilities with Toshiba Medical’s Most Advanced CT
MRI shows video games affect gray matter in hippocampus
Large study finds no elevated risk of meningioma after CT of the head
Brain MRI just one ‘algorithm feeder’ for new Alzheimer’s calculator
A Telemammography Dynamo Rides New PACS from the Deep South to Boundless Frontiers
When kidneys are injured, CT contrast isn’t the culprit
Tau defects on PET emerge as prime predictors of early-onset Alzheimer’s
Man donates kidney to med-school prof for inspiring him to pursue radiology
New BI-RADS guidelines may multiply dense-breast counts
Young appendicitis-possible patients well imaged with MRI over CT—and sometimes over ultrasound too
How is interpreting a CT for Joe not ‘Joe-centered’ radiology?
MRI can’t predict progression of common adolescent hip disorder
Emergency docs advised to exercise caution with solo CT interpretation
Ultrasound shows efficacy of carpal tunnel treatments
Ground Control to Dr. Tom: Patient Exploration in an Era of Space-Age Radiology
Radiology trainees can cut rates of radiology-report addenda, adding value to patient care
Prostate cancer has a new nemesis in novel PET tracer
Nonsmoker lung cancer curiously on the rise in the UK
Human + computer combination improves follow-through on radiology recommendations
Siemens softens advice on hacker-vulnerable imaging systems
GE goes to market with new MRI co-designed with the NFL
Triple-organ PET/MR can help manage eventual chemo effects in young cancer survivors
Homeland Security, Siemens issue advisory for 4 diagnostic imaging systems
‘Differential diagnosis? Hell, they use the CT to do the physical exam!’
Exa PACS/RIS Increases Productivity and Enables High Reading Volumes for Network Radiology’s Teleradiology Services and Imaging Center
MITA Applauds Senate Passage of MDUFA
Prenatal 3D ultrasound shows heart defects affect brain development
Neuro MRI shows cost-effective cognitive tests best for monitoring Alzheimer’s
Nuke-med tracking aids management of advanced biliary tract cancer
Ultrasound excels at surveilling larger pancreatic cysts
Williams syndrome campers enjoy country music, propel neuro research
Older breast-cancer survivors evidence puzzling patterns in surveillance mammography
Most incidental findings on trauma CT go uncaptured