August 2016

7T MRI shows brains feeling sensation in long lost limbs
‘Extra’ technologist training improves mammography quality
MRI may help head off underage drinking
Carestream Shipping New DRX Core Family of Detectors
Get ready for ICD-10 updates, radiology
Health IT execs chime in on enterprise imaging
Improve gadolinium dose tracking—your patients may depend on it
Student athletes take longer to recover from concussions if they continue to play right away
Molecular breast imaging shows its supplemental chops as a routine-practice tool
FDA Clears SOMATOM Drive CT System From Siemens Healthineers
Physician-owned imaging centers eluding the aim of the Sunshine Act?
Synthesized 2D mammo emerges as a worthy low-dose screening option
Big business ahead in VR-aided pain management
Did x-rays solve this 3.2-million-year-old mystery?
In radiology as in medical genomics, patient preferences should guide decisions around incidental findings
PET tops list of non-invasive imaging procedures
Catch colonoscopy complications with CT—not radiography
Rio paralympians to have an imaging friend in GE Healthcare
MR-guided brain ultrasound helps rouse coma patient back to consciousness
10-minute videos improve pediatric rads’ ultrasound skills on two far-flung continents
Mallinckrodt to sell nuclear medicine business to IBA Molecular for $690 million
The world tunes in as radiology study shows Zika’s awful effects
Data-rich modeling suggests many women need breast screening only triennially
Scientists utilize RNA to map neural networks
Search starts soon for 2017 radiology-journalism fellow
Tomo breast screening add-on is cost-effective, especially before 50
Indiana Hospital Purchases Carestream’s New Radiography/Fluoroscopy System to Enhance Imaging for Urgent Care Patients
New zinc-focused MRI technique can ID cancerous prostate tissue
The man from Plains prepared for the worst
WHO researchers: Just say no to hypervigilance over thyroid cancer
MRIs show Parkinsonian diseases cause unique decline in functional brain activity
Mediterranean diet may delay Alzheimer's
Autism expert slams controversial fMRI paper
ASNC, SNMMI release position statement, guidelines on myocardial perfusion PET
MRI method may bump off some liver biopsies
Thanks to human nature, AI has its work cut out for it
In West Africa, a little ultrasound brings big hope
Gadolinium lexicon may be growing along with concerns
In Mississippi, an imaging org so advanced it provides pathology services for insect breeders
3 insights gleaned as team builds framework for breast-screening bundled payments
While political landscape grows nastier, MITA honors impactful politicians
fMRI brain study unpacks, predicts sentence-level verbal expression
CT artifact-reduction software gets put through its paces
Researchers view live synapse formation for the first time
Good care, good business: Interventional rad walks the talk
Consensus guideline: Wider DCIS margins don’t cut breast-cancer recurrence
Shimadzu Selects Konica Minolta's AeroDR Flat Panel Detectors for New MX7i Portable Imaging System
AI and medical imaging march on, hand in hand
Study pinpoints region of the brain heavily affected by Parkinson's
Spot fluoroscopy cuts radiation in image-guided neuro interventions
‘Inevitable’ ioMRI increases brain-tumor procedure times
Q&A: Fujifilm helps providers prepare for reimbursement reductions and transition to digital radiography
East Texas Medical Center, Fujifilm continue their long working relationship with transition to DR
Portable DR in the NICU: Safety for the most precious of patients
Publishing magnate knows medical imaging as well as the news
This is Sting’s brain on music
Gunderman: Beware the advance of the hospitalist
New range of C-arms provides precision and enhanced productivity in the operating theatre
Rio healthcare a tale of two worlds, but the Olympics have raised new hopes
Breast cancer imaging challenge one part of achieving Cancer Moonshot
fMRI shows kids’ brains lighting up for unhealthy foods pushed on TV
Image-based predictor of dementia in patients with Down syndrome
Multiple prior gadolinium doses may remain in numerous brain sections
First imaging of brain epigenetics achieved with new PET radiochemical
Brain protein could be preventive measure against Alzheimer’s, new study suggests
iCAD Reports Second Quarter 2016 Financial Results
Neiman Institute infographic: Where the mammography access is (and isn’t)
Protein biomarkers work together to detect breast cancer
Texas healthcare workers underpaid, eager to bolt
Bigger hearts don’t necessarily signal a bigger problem
Study finds obesity more prevalent in those with history of cancer
Imaging options outlined for docs diagnosing, treating pediatric pancreatitis
Study shows breast tumors adopt resistance to hormone therapy
MRI and CT have contributed much to brain tumor care over the years
Primary Liver Carcinoma May Be Misclassified Based Solely on Major Imaging Features
Mount Vernon Cancer Centre puts patient comfort at the forefront of its breast oncology service
Johns Hopkins study challenges efficacy of hormone receptor test for breast cancer patients
PET imaging finds suicidal ideation where its biomarkers are hiding in the brain
Human heart regeneration on the horizon
Online communications aid new breast cancer patients, but usage gaps persist
6 million people in U.S. exposed to water that can cause cancer
Obesity correlated with premature aging of the brain
Have we reached ‘peak tech’ in healthcare innovation?
CT for breast-cancer metastasis can do what nuke bone imaging does—and for less
Seno Medical names new CFO, plans to go global
Study: More radiotherapy can cut mortality risk in half
Study uses MRI to show thirst is an anticipatory reflex
CT improves primary care docs’ diagnoses, decisions and confidence
Visual ultrasound technology teaches the mechanics of speaking
4D lung imaging platform gives clearer vision for early detection
Generic version of Gleevec to hit U.S. market
Young athletes pressured into hiding concussion symptoms
People with HIV at greater risk for developing heart disease, new research suggests
Alzheimer’s vaccine could be a reality in five years
Study shows specific type of herpes could cause breast cancer
PET imaging gives insight into a brain with depression
Research examines how liver cancer could be misclassified
Shimadzu Selects Konica Minolta’s AeroDR Flat Panel Detectors for New MX7i Portable Imaging System
Study uses NASA technology for heart health tests
Brown University researchers monitor brain neurons after TBI