October 2016

Vets develop innovative CT scanning procedure for race horses
To keep business flowing, some hospitals are acting like stores
Q&A: Elizabeth A. Krupinski previews her RSNA 2016 presentation on fatigue in radiology
Hospitals can do more to teach patients about mammography
5 reasons radiologists should reserve a seat on the tumor board
‘Placebo effect’ region in brain mapped by fMRI
Medical imaging associated with development of Alzheimer's
University of Michigan research reveals new theories about PTSD
fMRI shows blind patients with retinal implants respond to cues
A call for more tomosynthesis in the Big Apple
Q&A: Chris Tomlinson on Building the Network of the Future with Image Exchange
Is radiology a doomed canary in the digital coal mine?
Ablation may be effective in battling small-cell lung cancer
Continuous imaging shows cells during limb regeneration
Disruptive force: MRI shows impact of PTSD in adolescent brain
Two studies validate efficacy of bioabsorbable breast cancer marker
Anesthesiology-led inpatient care reduces imaging utilization
MRI research: Listen to more podcasts—they're good for your brain
Caught in a lie: MRI shows dishonesty as habitual behavior
Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Customer Satisfaction
Making 3D mammography a reality for all facilities
4 uses for contrast-enhanced spectral mammography
On the nose: CT scan reveals stick lodged in dog's snout
Brain imaging study of youth football players under national lights
Wireless, Smartphone Ultrasound Scanner a Safe Alternative to X-Ray for Lung Scanning
Hospital's new intraoperative MRI provides real-time images
MRI and CT combine to finely image tumor blood vessels
A game-changer is long overdue in breast-cancer research—and one may be just ahead
Can you drink too much water? fMRI research says you can
New version of Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging platform extends support for patient-centric care along the care continuum
4 things to know about lifeIMAGE 5.0
vRad CMO takes on two roles with ACR
Ultrasound safely omitted in imaging workups of women with breast pain and normal density tissue
CT does double duty for infants with head trauma likely caused by abuse
FDA approves Medtronic’s cardiovascular devices and leads for MRI scanning
Radiologists could do more to help fight elder abuse—and they want to
RSNA 2016: 3 can’t-miss presentations about leadership in radiology
Philips receives FDA 510(k) clearance for Lumify's S4-1 transducer bringing new capabilities, including cardiac imaging, to this smart-device ultrasound
Lights, camera, imaging! Online videos can have a big impact on radiology
Phillips Lumify S4-1 transducer brings ultrasound imaging to a smaller device
No, radiologists are not real doctors: 5 reasons why not
More neuroscientists soon to get aboard the BRAIN train
Could an app help patients gauge radiation exposure?
Hard numbers put to screening mammography overdiagnosis
High-Quality Imaging technology from Agfa HealthCare is catalyst for new Direct Radiography contract with Vizient Supply, LLC
Researchers announce the birth of a new imaging modality
Software biz scores one for mammography by algorithm
Tempus, University of Michigan develop oncology sequencing program
Enterprise Imaging Means Never Having to Say You’re Siloed
Nuclear Science Committee tackles molybdenum supply at September summit
fMRI may bring precision medicine to depression care
Yes, radiologists are real doctors: 5 reasons why
Konica Minolta Healthcare Leads in Customer Satisfaction
Boom times for builders of imaging centers, other care facilities
MRI proves worthwhile for assessing MS patients in the emergency room
Congressman wins MITA award, makes the news for fighting medical device tax
New method of gauging metastatic risk may help ovarian-cancer patients avoid unnecessary chest CTs
For dense breasts, 4 screening options after mammograms
Tom Brady, medical-imaging pitchman
One breast cancer survivor isn't into pink
Whoosh goes the bruit, into the MR scanner goes the patient
10 tips: How and why to hold a radiology-based ‘readiness huddle’ each and every day
Palmetto Health Baptist Installs Two Carestream Touch Prime XE Ultrasound Systems
Teens more receptive to rewards than adults
5 pointers for breast rads willing to learn from common mistakes
Prostate cancer decisions considered for Ben Stiller—and everyone after
Don’t use lung CT for heart care, cardio rads advise
New cancer drug approved to treat leukemia
Breast imaging: Leading by example
In Texas, an imaging-based ‘mammogram for the pancreas’
MRI captures electric brain stimulation in action
Dreaming big: UK mapping project 5,000 brain scans closer to 100,000 goal
Breast specialist: Mammography guidelines ‘can be really confusing, even for physicians’
Radiation safety: ‘Who’s minding the children?’
Novarad develops new extensive integration with PowerScribe® 360
3 ways machine learning will disrupt radiology—and the rest of medicine with it