March 2017

Matching CT image data with patient photos, FBI researchers caution on privacy
High-rez finger MRI may point way to burgeoning extremity uses for 7T
PET scans show dopamine imbalance during migraine
The virtual IR doc will see you now, colleague
Radiologist shortage hits Northern Ireland
Long look at lots of rad techs: No link between work-related radiation exposure and fatal brain tumors
Connecticut Hospital Association and Bayer Form Alliance on First Statewide Radiation Dose Management Repository
Women’s Imaging Associates Advances Mammography Reporting with AbbaDox RIS
AI think piece: ‘We can do better. Why not let machines help us?’
Great Lakes Medical Imaging adds a mastodon to its patient database
Automated breast ultrasound performs comparably to handheld
Cancer guidelines after active treatment have low specificity, consistency
Two-pronged approach may improve personalized breast cancer treatment
fMRI shows reorganization of neural circuits to improve cochlear implantation
Mobile lung screening unit eliminates barriers to access in Carolinas
HoloLens to create 3D holograms of medical imaging
Cancer-center rads show the value of re-reading community breast exams
Lack of physical activity could weaken bones in teens
Carotid ultrasound usefully predictive in post-stroke care
Wireless Digital X-ray Technology Delivers Rapid Access to Diagnostic Images of Football Players at NFL Combine
Trade group: Old imaging equipment is undermining patient safety across Europe
Mercy Medical System first in New York to install clinical LumaGEM MBI system
Gadolinium MRI superior to contrast CT for evaluating some here-and-gone metastases
Veterinary radiology: The subspecialty no one told you about
Is SPECT imaging accurate in predicting nigral neurons in Parkinson's patients?
Smart cloud-based solution, strong people skills prepare John Muir Health well for exchanging images with neighboring providers
Non-invasive device improves cancer monitoring, diagnosis
Ohio State researchers see how brain processes 3D images with fMRI
Increased risk of lung cancer, heart attack from radiotherapy for breast cancer patients who smoke
Fluid in the lungs being measured by a new technique using ultrasound
Leukemia drug shows promise in fight against dementia, Parkinson's
Blood test able to detect lung cancer recurrence months before imaging
MRI shows children with obstructive sleep apnea have reduced grey matter in cortical regions
aycan establishes medical imaging professional services division
Technologist creates 3D model of his own abdomen before colon surgery
Diagnostic imaging varies in evaluation of patients with appendicitis at children's hospitals
Noninvasive imaging has high value in predicting major adverse cardiac event
Cost savings associated with radiation treatment after lumpectomy for early-stage breast cancer
Q&A: Southers sheds light on brain imaging being used to combat mental health stigma
Geography, not patient need, driving endoscopic ultrasound utilization
Will future smartphones be able to detect cancer?
MRI shows structural difference in cerebral cortices of patients with depression
Microwave measurements able to detect intracranial bleeding
Western Canada hospital working to recover from rad’s bad track record
Mayo Clinic: What's the role of tumor sequencing in women with breast cancer?
Pediatric MR imagers switching to more stable gadolinium contrast agent
CAT scan helps physicians discover 140-pound tumor
3D laser scanning proves MRI’s equal at assessing breast volume
Are patients unnecessarily tested for rare liver conditions?
Five Mobile X-ray Systems Deliver Rapid Access to Images for ED, OR, NICU, ICU and General Radiology Patient Exams
Imaging roles when diagnosing mesothelioma
3D mammography rolls into the Twin Tiers
Medical students performing emergency ultrasound scans boost care quality
Mobile unit combats stroke with onboard CT scans, remote neuroradiologist
Can blueberry concentrate improve brain function in older patients?
fMRI used to predict dogs not fit for service training
CT scan saves life of money-hungry turtle
Researchers use MRI to link CSF flow in infants to autism
Philips and LabPON plan to create world’s largest pathology database of annotated tissue images for deep learning.
Every little thing fMRI does is magic: The unexpected intersection of Sting, neural imaging
MRI, CT key in spreading awareness of often undiagnosed brain condition
Carestream’s OnSight 3D Extremity System Offers Orthopaedic Practices Affordable, High-Quality 3D Imaging
Hawkeye State hospital execs push against bill that could invite for-profit imaging centers
New registry launches for interventional radiology
Researchers call for kicking ‘iodine allergy’ out of medical imaging
Thousands of medical images must be re-read in Western Canada
‘Driller’ rad residents beat their ‘scanner’ peers at identifying lung nodules
CARS microscopy presents new method to detect skin cancer
Radiology patients keen on cleanliness, front-desk courtesy
First diagnostic radiotracer supporting early diagnosis of Alzheimer's approved in Canada
NeuroVision to participate in Alzheimer’s A4 clinical trial