January 2018

University launches nation's 2nd imaging science PhD
Newly renovated NICU at Yale expecting first MRI machine for preemies
UAE envisions successful future with AI
MRI suggests smoking marijuana may boost memory
Diffusion-weighted imaging may detect brain lesions after carbon monoxide poisoning
Half of spinal cord injury patients may still have connection
Follow-up imaging unnecessary for incidental splenic mass findings
Q&A: MITA’s Hornberger stresses communication, engagement for improved imaging cybersecurity
MRI accident in India leads to 4-month wait for imaging exams
Are medical imaging devices safe from cyberattacks? Nope, according to recent research
MedyMatch Technology granted approval to fast-track AI software
SyntheticMR AB - Segmentation and quantification of brain tissue, and Industry first myelin volume measurements in SyMRI now FDA cleared
Bracco Diagnostics Inc. receives FDA approval for use of MultiHance® injection in MRI of central nervous system in pediatric patients
Paul Chang: 3 things to know about AI, deep learning in 2018
New registry seeks to improve cardiovascular ultrasounds
Body clock disruptions may indicate early-stage Alzheimer's
Goggles reduce MRI-related sedation rates for children
Molecular imaging may streamline drug development, reduce costs
Johns Hopkins 'digital twin' technology predicts head trauma in athletes
X-ray machines are out to ruin Valentine's Day—one airport has a solution
Mumbai man sucked into MRI machine and killed, according to police
Radiologic technologists more exposed to cataracts risk from nuclear medicine
Mayo unveils 7-Tesla MRI for clinical use
Brain dysconnectivity, white matter patterns in children may show future of mental illness
Virtual reality, fMRI help ID memory areas of the brain
Brain imaging highlighted in 2018 AHA/ASA stroke guidelines
New tech projects imaging scans over human body
An irregular ultrasound is posted on social media—do you say something?
Baby's kick in the womb packs a big punch, MRI study finds
JAMA study asks: Do we need to reexamine lung cancer screening?
Physician, practice found liable for misreading CT scan, missing lung cancer diagnosis
Biomechanical image mapping may help heal heart attack victims
Canon Medical Systems Partners with QED to Accelerate Development of New, Innovative MRI Technology
New brain scan-focused treatment may save more stroke victims
PET trumps MRI in detecting damaged nerves in MS patients
Brain MRI proves phrenology is—still—not science
fMRI brain study of hand transplant patient leads to $1.7M DOD grant
Elimination of ACA cost sharing fueled growth in mammography utilization
What is the safest gadolinium-based contrast medium?
PET links accelerating memory decline to APOE ε4 allele
Researchers successfully block 'siren call' of aggressive cancers
Protein delays development of secondary lesions in breast cancer patients
Brexit may lead to loss of CE recognition, layoffs
Siemens Healthineers, Florida hospital collaborate to improve health care outcomes
US medical device industry cheers 2-year delay of tax
Expectations around AI for radiology considered in the realm of the realistic
Stanford begins upgrade on powerful x-ray laser
SNP risk panels can help predict breast cancer—here's how
Researchers pinpoint how the brain regulates itself
Differences in brain volume, gray matter thickness tied to epilepsy
4 takeaways for the future of radiology
Images of newborns' brains could be key to detecting neurological disorders
The new age of ultrasound
Whole body imaging reveals defects in heart, brain after heart attack
Will CT change the way we travel?
Cause of alcohol dependence may be visible with molecular imaging
8 things to know about breast cancer screening for high-risk women
Cerveau Technologies signs research agreement with University of Pittsburgh for investigational PET agent
Non-invasive blood test brings physicians one step closer to detecting cancer early
Is that x-ray under copyright?
Breast cancer survivors reveal the best way to follow up with them
Practicing peer learning: One radiology department’s experience
8 global ultrasound markets poised for strong 2018
US sued by army vet after discovering abandoned scalpel in his pelvis
Boston U: Repeated impacts, not concussion, cause CTE
Philips and InTouch health make push into direct-to-consumer telehealth market
How large matrices improve quality in ultra-high-resolution CT
Simple ED workflow fix improves history, billing in CT orders
Tech CEO: Physicians will need to become more empathetic alongside AI
What allows singers to hit high notes? CT scans provide insight
AI proves capable in analyzing kidney biopsy images
VR allows scientists to explore, interact with the brain
MRI shows lasting setbacks for preterm babies in hearing, speech
Ultrasound may help CVD risk assessment of those with skin condition
GE considering breakup after continued issues
3 tips on repairing a rocky radiology, emergency medicine relationship
Can a Wisconsin plant change the face of nuclear imaging?
Experts suggest 3D over 2D mammograms
5 things to know about imaging’s fight against Alzheimer’s
Senators introduce legislation to repeal medical device tax
New COPD genetic breakthrough could identify at risk patients earlier on
Brain MRI, AI predict deaf children's capacity to learn language
3D doppler ultrasound can better determine fetal growth restriction than 2D version
MITA joins AdvaMed, MDMA with letter to Congress urging solution to device tax
Ochsner Health System and Vital Images® announce new partnership
Genetic damage from radiation pushes for more physician and operator safety efforts
4 guidelines for transitioning from peer review to peer learning
MITA Announces New Director of Cybersecurity & Imaging Informatics
Pediatric body CT exams increasing according to ACR study
MRI shows sitting for too long can increase fat around organs
Reshma Jagsi: Radiology's expert on sexual harassment of women in medicine
TEE simulator uses patient images to improve cardiology training
CT scans are giving new life to dinosaurs
Japanese pet insurance covers MRI, surgery costs for dogs, cats and flying squirrels
CMS to change reimbursement for MRI of implantable devices
Carotid ultrasound may improve CVD risk assessment in patients with inflammatory skin condition
Post-op CT more accurately detects screw penetration in arm fractures
2 steps to stop stroke: CT, blood test can predict recurrence
Lay-language glossaries help patients understand radiology reports
Could newly developed low field magnets cut MRI costs in half?