May 2020

State board suspends doctor’s license following accusations of misreading mammograms
Brain imaging pinpoints weaker ‘neural suppression’ in patients with autism
FDA approves first PET agent for tau imaging
Children with COVID-19 often have negative chest CT findings, study shows
University acquires 7T MRI thanks to $600K NIH grant
FDA greenlights PET imaging agent for breast cancer
Abdominal imaging rates declined over recent years, stemming steady period of growth
Novel ‘double-contrast’ method spots small tumors on MRI
Radiology departments must look long-term to build financial resiliency after the pandemic
Prominent US healthcare provider Sanford Health expands its Sectra Enterprise Imaging Solution
NIH hands out $3.5M grant for PET-based research into depression
RSNA 2020 annual meeting will be held virtually amid COVID-19 concerns
Radiologists see positives with ‘remote readouts’ and potential staying power in post-COVID future
Tele-echocardiography program proven effective, may bring vital imaging to more heart failure patients
University spinoff receives $750K to develop iron-based alternative to gadolinium contrasts
Imaging-confirmed stroke rates low among COVID-19 patients, but cases are often more deadly
Researchers ID potentially treatable genetic mutation target for therapy-resistant prostate cancer
Medical isotopes firm takes revenue hit amid pandemic, but says impact will be ‘relatively short lived’
As COVID-19 approached one large health system it quickly installed at-home PACS workstations—here’s how
Exercise improves blood flow in key brain areas linked to memory, imaging reveals
Global medical isotope company secures $19M to ‘revolutionize’ nuclear medicine industry
Advanced imaging IDs antibody for potential COVID-19 treatment
Women with BI-RADS 3 mammography results should undergo 6-month follow-up
University receives $5.9M grant for neuroimaging, clinical research into mood disorders
Health system launches ‘second opinion’ AI for diagnosing COVID-19 in chest scans
Hospitals should be required to report adverse radioisotope injections, expert argues
One of the country’s top health information exchanges adds image-sharing capabilities
Teleradiology adoption spiked during COVID-19 and is likely to continue
Deep learning automatically measures key features of TBI
MITA asks CMS for regulatory relief to mitigate pandemic’s toll on imaging
Patient-centered care may require radiologists embrace structured, easy-to-read reporting
Chest x-rays in the ED help docs forecast COVID-19 severity in young adults
AI sees what radiologists cannot, predicts disease-free survival in lung cancer patients
Radiology ranks among top 5 highest paid specialties, averaging $427K per year
Most general radiologists are also multispecialists—ensuring access to wide-ranging care
New PET imaging approach depicts widespread damage of early Alzheimer’s
Why point-of-care ultrasound may be radiology’s best bet against COVID
Machine learning-powered imaging platform pinpoints subtle differences in blood clots
FDA gives clearance to portable x-ray system with potential for diagnosing COVID-19
Abdominal imaging reveals bowel injuries in COVID-19 patients
Major Canadian medical imaging provider selects Sectra’s enterprise imaging solution
Early mammography screening remains key even as breast cancer treatment advances
Readily available radiotracer offers new option in prostate cancer imaging
Imaging a prognostic must-have for elderly COVID-19 patients
3 pointers to avoid transmitting COVID-19 in emergency oral radiology
Blood-brain barrier vs. focused ultrasound with MRI guidance
‘Low threshold for diagnostic imaging’ recommended to detect blood clotting in COVID inpatients
4 steps toward building durable trust upon COVID transparency
5 reasons COVID ultrasound could displace lung CT, chest x-ray