October 2021

‘Imaging at the speed of light’: New detector may enable cheaper, more accurate scans
ACR 'strongly supports' suggested changes to colorectal cancer screening measures
Imaging group says new guidelines for chest pain contain some ‘troubling recommendations’
Top-cited interventional radiology studies average $57K in undisclosed payments
Monochromatic mammograms capable of decreasing radiation dose and discomfort, study finds
Physicians support use of PET/CT scans in pregnant women with cancer, survey finds
ASRT announces changes to its continuing education delivery offerings
AI developed during high-profile competition rivals radiologists’ lung cancer predictions
Providers are requesting fewer preoperative MRIs for breast cancer patients
Massive $100M mammography screening trial is a ‘waste,’ radiologist claims
Are COVID mRNA vaccines a cause of myocarditis in adolescents? MRI findings hold clues
Radiologists often misread common pelvic fractures, pushing some to unneeded specialty care
First in-human study highlights benefits of dark-field imaging for early pulmonary disease detection
Researchers unveil first three-photon PET scanner with big implications for cancer care
The $40 million price tag of prior authorizations exposed in new study
ACR releases new benchmarks to help radiology departments optimize radiation dose levels
Deep learning predicts metastasis probability in patients with non-small cell lung cancer
Virtual lung cancer screening visits a viable alternative to in-person appointments
Hospitals hamstrung by ‘obsolete’ imaging equipment, potentially endangering patients
Deep learning applied to chest radiographs efficiently identifies early interstitial lung disease
Radiology subspecialists see ultrasound as a valuable resource for enhancing radiomics
MRI biomarkers less invasive, more accurate option for identifying deadly liver disease
New AI technology developments consistently recognize medical image anomalies
Did female academic authorship decrease disproportionately due to COVID-19?
Imaging centers may be held liable for independent radiologists’ negligence, court rules
Federal health officials award $30M for ‘groundbreaking’ brain study utilizing imaging
Radiologists should watch for these 3 pulmonary findings linked to increased COVID mortality
Radiologists see potential to reduce GBCA administration with new synthetic MRI technique
Education materials miss the mark on informing patients about radiation safety
AI predicts cancer risk from lung screening CTs, clinical data without radiologist assistance
Top intelligence officials to undergo voluntary brain imaging amid 'Havana Syndrome' mystery
Delayed-phase contrast-CT scans can help detect early pancreatic cancers, study shows
Female physician specialists, including radiologists, earn 33% less than their male counterparts
Coronary calcium scans benefit firefighters at risk of cardiovascular disease
Imaging advocate warns innovation likely to languish if lawmakers don’t act on ‘breakthrough’ device rule
Negative CT-PA scans could increase time-to-disposition in patients seen for pulmonary embolism
Radiology faces ‘extraordinary opportunity’ as pioneer of modernizing medical education
Researchers find promising results using focused ultrasound in breast cancer patients with brain metastases
NorthStar breaks ground on isotope facility, moves toward doubling domestic Mo-99 supply
Intelerad acquiring cloud specialist Ambra Health to form $1.7B enterprise imaging giant
American College of Radiology proposes 5 imaging-related CPT codes for re-evaluation
With domestic violence injuries increasing, radiologists must watch for these patterns
Doctors cast doubt on POCUS, warn data showing safety, clinical benefits ‘urgently’ needed
‘Seismic shift’ needed for radiologists to communicate radiation risks with info-hungry patients
Advanced MRI shows potential for assessing asymptomatic patients at risk for Alzheimer’s
Medical imaging firm Delphinus wins FDA approval for whole-breast ultrasound screening system
Why deep learning trained on radiologist-labeled data may be worth added time, costs
Pre-treatment PET/CT helps doctors select best candidates for prostate cancer therapy
Health giant launches ‘coaching’ solution to help patients with MRI anxiety
AI in radiology is just getting started, but these 4 lessons can help practices prepare
6 tips for young radiologists entering residency
Experts gain funding for imaging alternative used to help assess breast cancer surgery outcomes
Radiologists, referrers prefer switch to subspecialized reporting system over modality-based scheme
RSNA to spotlight diversity, equity, inclusion during annual meeting
Unnamed radiology group gains federal OK to subsidize Medicare costs in upcoming PET study
AI drops tracer dose required for PET/MRI by 50%, a potential ‘major’ boost for cancer care
Sectra and major private care provider Unilabs extend cooperation with a new radiology imaging contract in Portugal
Radiology services account for $2B of overall spending on cancer care
Experts publish first-ever consensus for appropriate use of intravascular ultrasound
What radiology providers can do to prepare for the new ‘AI data paradigm’
AI triages breast screening MRIs without missing a single cancer
Radiology provider loses court battle with competitor over certificate of need for MRI
Advanced reporting clears up inconclusive ultrasound results in adults with suspected appendicitis
Artificial intelligence deters one-sixth of medical students from pursuing radiology
Unified research guidelines represent ‘major step forward’ for interventional oncology
New ACR report identifies 3 pressing concerns when sharing patient imaging data
PSMA-PET alters care for nearly 50% of patients with metastatic liver cancer
ACR offers info-blocking update, including dealing with surprise radiology reports
AI-based free-text image ordering may save federal CDS mandate from overburdening providers