November 2019

Machine learning creates image ‘atlas' to improve disease diagnoses
Congress introduces bill to cover DBT exams for TRICARE beneficiaries
Historic medical objects imaged for insights
New research finds gadolinium retention in the cerebral cortex, debunking conventional wisdom
Canon Medical Systems acquires Swiss MRI research and development company Skope Magnetic Resonance Technologies AG
Ultrasound treatment relieves tremors, improves quality of life in Parkinson’s patients
Optical imaging may be ‘game-changer’ for predicting heart attacks
Is the future of nuclear medicine, radiology heading in the right direction? Experts take a look
fMRI reveals prenatal opioid exposure changes brain connectivity in babies
Walter Reed National Medical Center let nearly 2,000 CT scans go unread
Cost determinants come to light for managing blood-vessel abnormalities in the brain
ACR releases repository of FDA-cleared AI imaging algorithms
New Mexico-based company gains funding, land for new Mo-99 reactor
INFINITT to showcase INFINITT PACS 7.0, an AI-empowered, Intelligent PACS, at RSNA 2019
1 in 3 cancer patients wishes they had known more about treatment-related side effects
‘Collective super intelligence’: Radiologists, AI join forces to improve chest x-ray interpretations
Judge tosses antitrust lawsuit against American Board of Radiology
Radiology ranks 6th among physician specialities most likely to face a malpractice claim
FDA Clears Siemens Healthineers SOMATOM X.cite CT Scanner With Intelligent User Interface Concept
fMRI reveals how the brain adapts after half of it is removed
Overutilization in the ED: One in three visits for lower back pain includes imaging
More women know about breast density, but socioeconomic disparities still exist—can notification laws change that?
ACR kicks off contest to highlight innovations in imaging
Global radiology training is on the rise, new study finds
Upcoming radiology podcast challenges imaging experts to step up and question the negative AI hype
Radiology efforts over past decade led to 20% drop in patient’s radiation dose, report shows
Expanding CTA to more stroke patients improves outcomes
Google axed release of vast x-ray dataset following NIH privacy concerns
Penn researchers want to know how opioids affect brain development via neuroimaging
Gadolinium-enhanced MRI helps diagnose painful shoulder condition
Researchers optimize PSMA-targeted prostate cancer therapy to reduce negative side effects
3D neural network can help radiologists ID scarring associated with deadly heart condition
Some patients wait more than 120 days for a brain scan in Ireland
AI helps radiologists spot lung cancer on chest x-rays
Neural network improves imaging technique for an advanced look at cancer cells
Researchers use color x-ray scanner, ‘GPS particles’ to pinpoint microfractures
New ‘metamaterial’ can make MRI scans safer and cheaper
7T MRI reveals new view of damage in multiple sclerosis patients
New deep learning study brings automated CAC scoring ‘one step closer to clinical translation’
3 patients dead after UK hospital failed to escalate imaging findings
More than 25% of students not considering radiology cite AI as the reason why, survey finds
MRI scans help show how our brains are ‘washed’ during sleep
Physicians release new tool to help radiologists spot, treat vaping-related lung illness
Experts see big potential for deep learning in cardiac MRI
Shear wave elastography helps predict emergency C-sections
Nonradiologist physicians aren’t qualified to perform advanced clinical image interpretations, study finds
New approach may ‘open avenues’ for deep learning in digital pathology
Publicly available imaging datasets may not be as reliable as radiologists think
Philips recalls gamma camera due to fears it may crush patients
Screen time can negatively impact child brain development, MRI scans show
Beyond imaging: 3 ways radiologists can improve care for patients with dementia
New guidelines for colorectal cancer screening published
O-RADS: A new reporting system for ovarian, uterine masses
CMS 2020 payment rules draw cheers, disappointment across radiology
Algorithm reduces radiation dose for molecular breast imaging
How should young radiologists spend time preparing for the ABR Core Exam?
AMA approves new CPT codes for real-time fluorescence imaging
Trump administration nominates radiation oncologist to lead FDA
Philips alleges imaging service company hacked its ultrasound machines
AI may be able to spare breast cancer patients from unnecessary radiation