January 2017

Cancer Moonshot needs universal imaging standards
North of the border, 3D printing puts a spring in radiology’s step
Mallinckrodt sells nuclear imaging business to IBA Molecular for $690 million
Contralateral breast cancer a risk for women with dense tissue
Shell shock: CT scan shows lung damage in rare turtle
Kubtec Celebrates Official Opening of their New Facility with Visit from Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy
Is low-dose CT scanning worth it?
Radiologists help rescue a rescue dog
5 cognitive biases common to radiology—and how to beat them back
Peach State lawmakers trying to aid patients slapped with surprise medical charges
Brain scans showed 14 patients suddenly hit with severe amnesia
Can image recognition technologies diagnose skin cancer?
FDA approves pocket sized osteoporosis diagnostic device
Affordable 3D-printed organ models created by startup, now available for medical training
Busting 6 myths about CT screening for lung cancer
Can fMRI predict long-term symptoms of concussions?
Researchers pinpoint genetic risk factors for breast cancer
Image Gently from the consumer’s eye view
Neurologists read stroke images as expertly as a neuroradiologist
Orlando Health and Mevion Offer Advanced Diagnostic Image Guidance for Proton Therapy
Agfa HealthCare tops satisfaction list for its enterprise imaging
Sooner State rads in trouble for improper duty delegation followed by bad billing
Whole body PET/CT finds some tricky cancers better than CT alone
Ultrasound systems market to see stable growth to $5 billion by 2023, says GlobalData
Alzheimer's study to use brain amyloid PET scan
Referral-based specialties charge highest markups over Medicare rates
Is imaging enough to diagnose cancerous sarcomas?
Online bests print at informing patients on imaging radiation—but neither shines at busting a certain myth
USC finds the needle in the haystack with molecular imaging
Lung ultrasound up to the task of diagnosing adult pneumonia
Exercising can help 'attenuate age-related neurodegeneration'
Hitachi Announces Integration and Expansion of Healthcare Businesses Serving Americas Market
World's First Total-Body Pet Scanner Takes Big Step Forward
Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas Partners with 7Dimaging to Strengthen its Educational Offering
Summer radiology internship announced for minority, women med students
Lung cancer screening guidelines stirred up something of a Twitter storm
John Muir Health to Install a Sectra Cloud-Based Archive for Enterprise Imaging
Mild brain-impact changes: Easy come, easy go (as long as players take enough time off)
Ocular imaging a focus at Mount Sinai's new Eye and Vision Research Institute
Rad techs get good press in roughrider country
Pro fighter blames radiologist for keeping him out of the ring
CT, MRI replacing traditional autopsies, finding possible child abuse
Experimental CAD system bests other diagnostic methods at catching lung cancer
Siemens Healthineers develop new platform for CT
Row over radiology in Canada affecting patients as well as providers
PET/CT shows how stress in the brain today manifests as cardiovascular problems tomorrow
Machine learning proves a plus in cardiopulmonary care
Wake Radiology seeks to join forces with UNC Rex
G-Arm B6 Duo imaging system receives FDA clearance
Mayo radiology shows how to boost efficiency, cut costs the ‘TDABC’ way
In New Zealand, it’s radiology vs. emergency for fun, fitness and patients
UCLA neuros: Let imaging be the birthing, raising ground for cerebrovascular health
Early-stage colorectal cancer diagnosis among seniors increased after ACA changes to Medicare
Fusion signs 3-year deal with multi-site radiology center for cloud solutions
Breast imaging research team calls for raising the acceptable recall rate
Payola is one problem radiology doesn’t have to reckon with
Columbus Regional Health installs new imaging system as part of expansion
Lead aprons block radiation exposure all right, but they also invite lead poisoning
HyperMed receives FDA clearance for new medical imaging device
Hospital staff prepares for potential failure of electronic imaging services
Danish study challenges value of screening mammography, draws sharp criticism from U.S. orgs
Exercise may help men stave off Alzheimer’s decline; women, not so much
Radiologist: One of the best jobs in America
35 is too young to start screening mammography: Irish study
Scientists use CT scan to discover how long dinosaurs incubated in eggs
Do patients with psoriasis have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease?
Mediterranean diet linked to healthy brain
Self-examination is crucial before making drastic MACRA-related changes
Carestream Health Earns High Marks* in KLAS Enterprise Imaging Report for Healthcare IT Offerings
Most interval lung cancers missed at NLST screening
GE Healthcare to produce, sell Rapiscan to boost alternative CAD screening
UCSF shows embryonic development like never before—on video
Engineering company to test thrombectomy device in clinical trial
Structured reporting cuts coding errors, facilitates full reimbursement
Parental obesity linked to slow development in children
Is CT scanning accurate enough to diagnose pleural mesothelioma?
Improving treatment of concussions by recording how brain processes sound
Molecular oncology imaging can improve outcomes, cut waste
Precision medicine demands smart cybersecurity—and don’t overlook the imaging data
Watch for PET/CT to grow as an aid to image-guided biopsies of children
Could x-rays be replaced in airports?
Group working steadily to increase the visibility—and number—of women in radiology