January 2022

Stroke imaging specialist RapidAI hires new CEO
Immediate radiology report access leads to influx of patient questions for 78% of providers
UnitedHealthcare launches program steering patients toward low-cost imaging centers
MRI-based prostate cancer screening paired with new blood test can reduce deaths by up to 9%
AI system to help neuroradiologists detect brain aneurysms has ‘major’ potential for clinical practice
FDA greenlights Vuze Medical's software imaging system used during spinal operations
20% of medical students are not familiar with ACR Appropriateness Criteria
15% of patients admit to skipping imaging exams, other care due to out-of-pocket costs
RSNA launches its first imaging AI certificate program
3 obstacles radiologists must overcome before routinely offering virtual patient consultations
Medical isotope shortage looms as 'unplanned' outage halts Mo-99, Lu-177 production
Arizona State University home to new 9.4T cryogen-free MRI system
AI-assisted pneumothorax detection via chest radiographs reduces invasive procedures for patients
Machine learning uses CT images to predict survival odds of melanoma patients
Intelerad Appoints Jean Boyle Vice President of Global Professional Services as Part of Ongoing Commitment to Client Delivery Excellence
Agfa appoints Scott Evers as Senior Vice President & North American Business Leader
LEGO's miniature MRI models help comfort nervous kids before exams
Boston researchers hope PET-MRI brain scans will shed light on 'long-COVID' symptoms
Radiologists must change their approach to stroke care in the AI era
Preoperative shear-wave elastography can predict success of rotator cuff repair
Quality improvements reduce biopsy wait times for patients with suspicious breast MRIs
PSMA-PET validates commonly used system measuring risk of prostate cancer recurrence
Are LDCT lung screening programs overdiagnosing cancer?
Simple quality improvement measures reduce problematic CT overuse for liver imaging
Up to 63% of additional findings from CT-guided procedures are not included in procedural reports
Cleveland Clinic to utilize brain MRIs in massive 20 year neurological disease study
MRI-based measurements can predict urinary continence after prostate surgery
Only 21% of U.S. hospitals comply with price transparency mandate for shoppable imaging exams
Cervical cancer screening rates are dropping, with some groups particularly behind
AI drops DBT workloads for radiologists by 40% while also reducing recalls
Imaging company's security incident hits patients in their wallets
Emergency providers, radiologists must communicate critical reports more effectively
6 tips for making MRI exams more autism-friendly
Rural veterans less likely to get LDCT lung cancer screenings, prompting doctors to call for change
ASRT student enrollment survey reveals decreases across radiography, impact of COVID on programs
Unusual pattern on PET/CT may indicate COVID omicron variant
Transparent AI platform shows radiologists its decision-making blueprint for diagnosing breast cancer
Stand-alone AI for lung cancer screenings could reduce radiologist workloads by 86%, study suggests
Strategic Radiology names CMO, Sectra’s executive hire and more radiology leadership news
Telerobotic ultrasound improves imaging access to underserved communities
Abbreviated MRI outperforms DBT for detecting secondary breast cancer
INFINITT announces Partnership with Lunit, a Leading Developer of AI Solutions for Medical Imaging
Researchers are developing a modified MRI protocol to help treat brain hemorrhages
Machine learning combined with PET/CT can predict heart attack risk
‘Little downside’: Structured templates do not increase radiology reporting times
Doctors suggest performing whole-spine MRI scans for suspected child abuse victims
Consortium in the UK to transform patient diagnostics with Sectra imaging system
7 tips for attracting first year medical students to radiology
Nanox touts new AMA CPT code as ‘validation’ of its cardiac imaging platform
Deep learning decreases CT radiation dose by 65% in patients with liver metastases
Less experienced radiologists are more susceptible to fatigue when reading DBT exams
Modality log files show patient motion during MR exams costs radiology departments time and money
How radiologists can avoid becoming ‘invisible’ in the artificial intelligence era
Imaging during total hip replacement surgery is cost-effective, new research reveals
Virtual radiology residency interviews 'very successful' but future processes remain uncertain
Convolutional neural network pipeline has 100% accuracy distinguishing between COVID and pneumonia
Face masks pulled below the mouth still cause artifacts during dental X-ray exams, experts warn
'Worrisome trends': Burnout causing 36.9% of neuroradiologists to contemplate early retirement
Combining functional MRI scans with eye tests could help stroke survivors recover lost vision
Radiologists don’t see eye-to-eye with other providers on fluoroscopic swallow studies
Doctors pilot mobile stroke unit equipped with low-cost MRI machine
Diagnostic imaging does not benefit patients seeking chiropractic care for lower back pain
'Rushing' radiographer exposes child to 50 times recommended radiation dose during exam
Machine learning model accurately predicts DCIS upstaging without invasive surgery
Checklist training boosts radiology resident competency in obtaining informed patient consent
New MRI technique earlier detects multiple sclerosis, potentially improving treatment approaches
Ultrasound outperforms four other modalities at assessing margins during breast surgery
8 simple tips to help radiologists work smarter, not harder
Transvaginal ultrasound and MRI are key to surgical planning for endometriosis
Bolus tracking with individualized delays for abdominal multiphase CT beats fixed delay protocols
Lack of transparency in FDA-regulated AI and ML imaging software has doctors concerned
Junior and senior radiologists benefit from AI assistance when identifying pulmonary nodules