April 2018

3D printing may prevent paravalvular leak in high risk patients
NASA astronauts use ultrasound in space to evaluate spinal health
New VA feature lets veterans view, download medical images
AJR: Radiologists should adopt ACR guidelines to standardize thyroid biopsy recommendations
Microvascular changes may have major consequences for TBI patients
FDA releases finalized Clinical Trial Imaging Endpoint Process Standards
MRI keeps up with CT in diagnosing acute appendicitis
Utah imaging researchers to study cognitive effects of marijuana
Jefferson Health, AHRA exec on medical device tariffs and the ‘commoditization’ of imaging
1st patient treated with focused ultrasound in ‘pivotal’ Parkinson’s trial
fMRI shows how music activates brain regions untouched by Alzheimer's
Integrating PACS with EMR saves time, improves access to data
Say it, see it: Real-time MRI shows mouth movements during speech
AI algorithm IDs head abnormalities in CT scans with 95% accuracy
Want to be a physician? Find a med school with a strong radiology program
Order entry workflow could be a prime target for automation
Cleveland Clinic's Cremer on cardiac imaging in cardiovascular oncology
FDA's Gottlieb: AI-based imaging device submissions expected to increase in coming years
Suhny Abbara slated as editor of new RSNA imaging journal
Brain tumor biomarkers could help eliminate surgical biopsies
MRI may expand tPA treatment to include unwitnessed stroke patients
'Erasable' MRI contrast agents could simplify diagnostic imaging, disease detection
First-ever rhino CT scan may be life-saving
Imaging agents ID infections from implanted cardiac devices
ACR expands its medical imaging education offerings
Machine learning platform cuts intracranial hemorrhage diagnosis time by 96%
Image reconstruction algorithm, MRI-derived heart strain values can aid prognosis in amyloidosis patients
False-positives increase follow-up screening participation
Samsung announces commitment to lower dose exposure within its digital radiography suite
Neural connections formed while learning can change the brain's structure
MITA service standard now covers all medical devices, not just imaging
Carestream begins shipping upgraded clinical collaboration platform that expedites, enhances radiology reporting workflow
Adjusting patient positioning for radiotherapy may decrease risk of heart damage
SNMMI urges Aetna to alter coverage of 2 PET tracers
Hacker group aims at MRI, x-ray devices as part of corporate espionage operation
Patient navigation programs—despite extra costs—narrow disparities in underserved populations
Brain imaging after cardiac arrest successfully predicts cognitive recovery
UK ultrasound method diagnoses prostate cancer better than MRI, biopsy
CMS updates MRI eligibility for implanted cardiac devices
Radiomic CT accurate in predicting spread of common lung cancer, enhancing surgical decisions
Obligate overdiagnosis rates of mammographic screening depend on age
Ohio system invests $10M for IBM Watson PACS upgrade
Early MRI referrals not cost-effective in patients with knee pain
Homemade microscope shows cancer virus clinging to human DNA
CT down 37%, nuclear medicine dips 57% in Massachusetts from 2009 to 2013
Radiologists average $401K a year, ranking 5th among specialists
Why AI will make human knowledge more valuable
Brain MRI may ID differences in neurological diseases, personalities
Imaging professionals need to be aware of, vigilant against false information on Twitter
New mobile imaging device helps physically disabled physicians perform full-body exams
Seimens Healthineers’s SOMATOM CT system gains FDA clearance
fMRI reveals cognitive bias strongly effects judgement of music
Combination of AI, 3D printing software produces detailed organ models
FDA releases new medical device safety action plan
FDA clears use of Tracer-QC at Massachusetts Gen
AI has made an impact—but its revolution may not be imminent
MRI shows immune cells healing brain's lining after a concussion
Canon strengthens partnership with Arcoma by entering reseller agreement
How a McDonald's made its mark in U.S. outpatient imaging
Study proposes ‘research framework’ for Alzheimer's based on biomarkers, not symptoms
Benefit-to-risk ratio of GBCAs remains 'extremely high'—but evaluation should be done for each exam
Immunotherapy improves survival rates of lung cancer patients versus chemo alone
What healthcare can learn from Facebook's data scandal
Lack of sleep may be linked to Alzheimer's
How to safely and significantly decrease breast MR wait time
Security gap in radiology interface at NY practice exposes data of 63,500
An expert's take on the future of machine learning in quantitative image analysis
Breast cancer surgery could trigger tumor growth, relapse
FDA clears new version of SOMATOM Force CT system from Siemens Healthineers
MRI shows sitting can diminish the ability to recollect old memories
9 habits to become a more effective radiologist
NHS England chooses 3D coronary imaging system for innovation program
Radiology requisitions are getting longer, but quality clinical information is declining
DOJ ruling impedes disabled patients' access to imaging services
Want to lower imaging energy costs? Start by understanding the bill
Ambra Health Partners with MC Healthcare to Launch Cloud Medical Imaging Platform in Japan
Decreasing equipment, setup time may ease implementation of CESM into clinical workflow
Machine learning tops common angiography methods in spotting heart blockages
Carestream delivers x-ray system to Mount Everest
FDA approves primary care AI imaging device to detect eye disease in diabetics
Professor receives research award for pioneering work with MRI to find MS lesions
Radiology TV: Coming to an imaging center near you
Cancer patients with longer diagnostic wait times face increased risk of poor outcomes
Whole-body CT doesn't improve survival for children with blunt trauma
Could the future of interventional radiology training lie in 3D-printed models?
New imaging technique detects prostate cancer not shown by MRI
fMRI research assesses benefits of mindfulness therapy in patients with depression
Fluorescent dye found for producing optimal biological images
3D imaging, temperature map allow physicians to see ablation of brain tumors
ZEISS introduces machine learning capability for microscopy
Philips collaboration introduces integrated tele-ultrasound device
MRI study finds prenatal exposure to certain antidepressants may alter brain development
Nonmetastatic breast cancer patients with low muscle mass face higher mortality
Bracco files patent infringement complaint against Jubilant for rubidium-82 generators
New cardiac imaging method enhances patient experience, reduces test time
US Homeland Security: Philips PACS software vulnerable to cyberattacks
RadNet acquires 5 imaging centers to expand California footprint
MRI of tumor surface regularity may aid surgery, predict survival in glioblastoma patients
Lower mammography recall rates correlated with higher interval cancer rates
Radiologist shortage leaves New Zealand hospital searching overseas