June 2020

MRI technique used for heart disease may work as ‘smart’ biopsy for aggressive pediatric cancers
FDA grants Qure.ai clearance for its AI-based emergency head CT triage tool
Brain iron buildup is associated with cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s patients
Radiotracer is ‘excellent’ for imaging tumors in patients with liver cancer
New open access journal will rapidly review COVID-19 research, debunk false information
Medical students need more exposure to molecular imaging, nuclear medicine experts say
Swedish healthcare region to realize integrated diagnostics—expands IT solution from Sectra with digital pathology
Jailed radiologist charged with rape, battery cites COVID-19 for release request
Hospital alerts radiologists of new post-COVID-19 disease appearing in children
Radiologists must become 'data wranglers' for a front seat in healthcare's future
Mayo Clinic launches Sectra’s digital pathology solution across its health systems
New $40.5M research center dedicated to mapping Alzheimer’s disease
SIIM20: Radiology departments turn to tech to connect with patients
Image exchange network firm Life Image partners with RapidAI to bolster stroke care in hospitals
AI classifies colorectal cancer pathology samples within 30 minutes
Remote reading is here to stay: How radiology can prepare for a virtual future
Newly discovered gene sparks early amyloid changes responsible for Alzheimer’s
New ACR registry selected as imaging repository for ongoing study into COVID-19 treatments
AI model ‘cuts out the middleman’ to predict knee replacement risk from radiographs
Sectra wins enterprise imaging contract at Swiss healthcare provider
Measuring 4D flow MRI during exercise offers benefits over stress echo
ACR launches COVID-19 imaging registry to help tackle the pandemic
Focused ultrasound approach shows ‘substantial potential’ for treating deadly brain tumor
Radiology technician settles for $350K in harassment lawsuit
MRI technique spots CTE markers in football players, with potential for real-time decision-making
Imaging plate technology drops mammography dosage and may be a boon for budget-strapped rad practices
Multi-university study on brain aging, Alzheimer’s receives $19M grant
Walmart expands its imaging, healthcare footprint with two new primary care clinics
Researchers question COVID-19's direct impact on the brain, say evidence is 'still lacking'
Knee injury often misdiagnosed on MRI is common in competitive alpine skiers, other high-level athletes
Nuclear medicine companies strike deal to produce, distribute novel PET imaging agent
Top residents see bright future for radiology job market, but women remain underrepresented
NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes announces partnership to develop COVID-19 therapeutic agent
NIH awards Cleveland Clinic $7.2M grant to investigate new MS biomarker
COVID-19 brain MRI findings reveal three distinct neurological patterns
Refined MRI techniques pinpoint key treatment spot for Parkinson’s disease
Nuclear medicine firm SHINE vows ‘enduring commitment to normalize equality for all people’
Hologram tech helps interventional radiologists treat liver tumors with confidence
AI accurately distinguishes breast cancer on ultrasounds, but still can’t replace sonographers
Medical device company Vasoptic gains FDA clearance for new retinal imaging technology
Emergency docs heavily utilize secondary outside imaging reads, paying ‘dividends’ for patients
TeraRecon AI products adopt SymphonyAI Eureka Brand recognizing AI technology synergies
‘Stuck in limbo’: Patients of doctor with now-suspended license want answers about misread mammograms
3D mapping algorithm reads knee MRIs for new arthritis treatments
Access to imaging exams via online portals saves money for patients, hospitals
COVID-19 brain damage can be categorized using a new 3-stage 'NeuroCovid' framework
Oncology group releases its first clinical radiation therapy guidelines for cervical cancer
Radiologists suffer from widespread digital eye strain, particularly women and residents
CT reveals undersized lung airways as ‘major’ COPD risk factor, ‘on par’ with cigarette smoking
Radiopharmaceutical manufacturer Curium files approvals for PET imaging agent
Low-value testing—including imaging—balloons downstream utilization and may cost healthcare billions
Repeated negative thinking associated with amyloid and tau deposition, increased dementia risk
Man dies after CT scan report showing cancer goes unread for more than a year
Simulated daily readout program mimics pre-COVID workflow, earning praise from radiology residents and faculty
Siemens Healthineers and Geisinger announce value partnership to drive digital healthcare
COVID-19 hinders imaging departments from understanding, treating related neurological symptoms
The ‘reclusive radiologist’: Imaging-led rounds key to cross-specialty collaboration, patient care
Ultrashort echo time MRI ‘valuable’ for assessing pulmonary diseases in COVID-19 patients
AI excludes scans without CAC scoring, paving the way for efficient CVD screening
Louisiana man sentenced for embezzling more than $100K from mobile imaging company
First-line CT colonography cuts healthcare costs while bolstering access to care
FDA recalls brain scanning device citing potential for deadly error
Brain fMRI studies aren’t as insightful as many previously thought
Lung ultrasound ‘substantially’ influences treatment for pregnant women with COVID-19
Machine learning predicts potential complications in CT-guided thoracic biopsies
New optical tomography microscope bolsters the power of 3D imaging
Amid widespread protests, radiology groups stand in support of ‘victims of senseless violence’
Health tech startup raises $18M to expand AI-based imaging, launch COVID-19 scanning program
PET/CT helps track response, progression in patients with difficult-to-treat prostate cancer
Neurological symptoms present in patients with COVID-19