August 2018

Singapore team uses AI to stop progression of prostate cancer
Gadolinium MRI links left atrial fibrosis to high risk of arrhythmias in endurance athletes
7 factors that will push implementation of AI in healthcare
Arizona radiologist wins Republican primary in race for US House
3D-printed endoscopic model boosts trainee comfort with IR procedures
fMRI reveals cannabis extract may help patients with psychosis
Swiss start-up secures $14M for cost-friendly digital radiology system
20% of uninsured medical services in US are imaging related
IBM proposes safeguard document to increase trust in AI
MRI shows ibudilast drug may slow brain atrophy in MS patients
Quicker, cheaper CMR protocol may improve cardio care in developing nations
How imaging departments can reduce MRI-related accidents, increase safety
Australia hopes to reduce unnecessary imaging, surgery with updated osteoarthritis guidelines
New '5D' imaging system may soon find applications in healthcare
Southern Illinois VA improving after misreading x-rays
Radiologists increasingly utilize coronary CT angiography
Pittsburgh duo receives $3.8M grant to improve suicide prevention with fMRI
Woman sues Chicago's Northwestern Medicine, physician for mistreatment following CT scan
Photoacoustic tomography probe aims to tackle common, costly diseases
UK's NHS: 22% of patients wait more than 6 weeks for imaging tests
Novel cardiac imaging biomarker could predict risk of coronary inflammation, heart attack
FDA-approved AI diabetic retinopathy system able to make diagnoses in 20 seconds
Fujifilm enters joint research agreement with Indiana University School of Medicine
Imaging industry supports AMA call to reduce documentation for E&M procedures
Which abdominal imaging modality has the greatest environmental impact?
Senate passes spending bill for HHS, NIH and black lung cancer screening
AI algorithm reads CT scans to predict immunotherapy response
GBCAs found harmless to the brain in MR arthrography
RSNA kicks-off pneumonia detection machine learning challenge
Coronary CT angiography could reduce 5-year risk of heart attack by 41%
Institutional policy change cut annual oral contrast costs by 52%
Experts debate clinical impact of HeartFlow's noninvasive cardiac imaging
MUSC and Siemens Healthineers form strategic partnership to disrupt and reshape health care delivery
MRI biomarkers of Crohn's disease activity may reduce need for endoscopy
Magnetoferritin injection system may improve cancer imaging, diagnostic accuracy
Lawmakers introduce legislation to increase lung screening for U.S. coal miners
Australian hospital draws criticism for sending CTs externally
5 factors in becoming a more persuasive radiologist
Handheld imaging probe may help diagnose pediatric eye diseases, brain trauma
Why wait? MRI reveals why some people tend to procrastinate
Out-of-pocket costs 112% more for breast cancer survivors with lymphedema
Dicom de-identifies 5.3M medical imaging exams, demonstrates AI on-ramp feature
$3M data lab will examine relationship between imaging, policy
Risk of stroke, brain atrophy linked to modifiable lifestyle choices with MRI
Body weight-based protocols for 18F-FDG PET/CT lower radiation dosage, retain image quality
VR tool could enhance medical imaging segmentation, error correction
Can MRI-guided thrombolysis with alteplase improve outcomes in stroke patients with unknown time of onset?
Nominations open for RADxx awards to honor women in medical imaging informatics
Mammography rate for high-risk women has fallen since 2009 update to USPSTF guidelines
Iron-based MRI contrast performs twice as well as gadolinium
AI software detects lung cancer on CT scans with 95% accuracy
Phoenixville Hospital installs Carestream digital x-ray systems to boost image quality, streamline workflow
UK researchers believe ultrasound could identify CVD before symptoms appear
NEMA testifies, urging narrow targets, time limits on China tariffs
Hybrid method may improve dataset quality, quantity for deep learning
Philips launches new cardiac ultrasound solutions with anatomical intelligence
Physicians personally linked to cancer 18% more likely to recommend additional screening
Amyloid PET improves diagnosis, treatment in Alzheimer’s patients
New dual MRI, PET technology may improve osteoarthritis detection, therapy
USPSTF updates cervical cancer screening guidelines
62K SPECT scans reveal psychiatric disorders predict accelerated brain aging
VR headset lets families, caregivers empathize with Alzheimer’s
Radiation impedes children’s ability to recall memories
Inspector general: CMS overpaid hospitals by nearly $25M for radiation therapy planning
4 sociodemographic groups more likely to miss recommended echocardiograms
MIT’s wireless 'in-body GPS' may improve tumor monitoring, proton therapy
Visual aids boost radiologists’ confidence managing contrast medium reactions
Facebook, NYU collaborate to make MRI faster with AI
U.S. veterans receive unnecessary prostate cancer imaging outside VA
400,000 imaging scans outsourced amid Scotland radiology shortage
$32M BOOST-3 trial aims to improve severe TBI outcomes
Toronto physician creates anatomical art from medical images
MRI brain mapping turned “functional fingerprint” may identify individuals over a lifetime
Despite longstanding breast density laws, patients remain confused and misinformed
FDA announces 3 initiatives to improve medical device development, safety
Aetna expands coverage for Ga-68 dotatate PET
How to create a successful breast imaging fellowship
CDC analysis finds imaging reports important in physician data exchange
Philips issues security advisory for cardiac imaging, information management software
Scotland's radiology shortage reaches ‘red alert’
MRI reveals contact lens embedded in woman’s eye for 28 years
Light-emitting nanoparticles may provide safer deep-tissue imaging, guide radiation therapy
15-minute PET acquisition time for rectal cancer improves care—without extending scan time
Stanford’s 'glowing' imaging technique could diagnose TB in an hour
Thomas Berquist to retire as editor of AJR in 2020
Yale researchers link genetics, imaging to improve analysis of brain’s molecular activity
TBI linked to increased risk of suicide
4 brain-scan checks that can improve care for stroke victims
fMRI reveals sleep deprivation can trigger loneliness, social rejection
SNMMI urges FDA to help alleviate shortage of gallium-68
Fluorescent dye enables longer bioimaging of single molecules
Radiology employee fired after using racial slur during argument
Large online brain cancer dataset—including genomics and imaging scans—released to the public
Quality doctor-patient communication results in better cancer care
Report: Radiologists involved in 15% of diagnosis-related malpractice claims
Google’s DeepMind AI system IDs 50 eye diseases, explains choices
Microwave imaging method may improve cancer screening, treatment monitoring
SNMMI 2018 names outstanding contributors in nuclear medicine, molecular imaging
Coronary microvascular dysfunction spotted with stress PET beats BMI for predicting heart risks
Researchers advocate for stricter chest x-ray imaging for children with epicardial pacemakers