August 2022

MRI exams reveal the impact of steroid use on the brain
Automated CT body composition analysis predicts risk of stroke and heart attack
Experts describe how long-term lung abnormalities of COVID patients present on imaging
Synthetic MRI measures predict breast cancer treatment responses, according to new research
Surveillance breast MRI findings linked with future second cancer
Ultrasound measurements can predict osteoporosis, study shows
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How effective are guidelines for managing incidental pulmonary nodules spotted on CT?
Hybrid clinical radiology rotations win over medical students
PSMA-PET is rapidly changing the standard of care for prostate cancer patients
DL model's pancreatic lesion detection in line with that of board-certified radiologists
A significant finding was missed by two radiologists, so why was only one held liable?
MR-directed enhanced mammography detects more malignancies than MR-directed ultrasound
Can PTSD cause dementia? Imaging of 9/11 first responders suggests it's possible
Echocardiography shows smoking is even more damaging to the heart than previously believed
VIDEO: Advantages of PSMA-PET imaging in prostate cancer care
Private radiology practices not immune to burnout—up to one-third of leaders impacted
Fully automated CT body composition analysis predicts survival for CRC patients
Algorithm reduces NSCLC tumor segmentation times by 65%
Minority women are more likely to delay or forego follow-up breast imaging, study reveals
Poor midlife health leads to advanced brain aging, MRI analysis shows
Is stopping antithrombotic therapy prior to image-guide breast biopsy really necessary?
Researchers examine growth of nonphysician practitioners in radiology
Clinical evidence is limited in many AI product promotions, analysis shows
Concerns raised over how hospitals can validate radiology AI algorithms
MRI a useful tool for avoiding invasive procedures for suspected idiopathic intracranial hypertension
VIDEO: Validation monitoring for radiology AI to ensure accuracy
Machine learning model uses MRI data to identify candidates for liver transplant
COVID's impact on breast radiology trainees represents a 'critical workforce issue'
Deep learning system outperforms rads in brain tumor identification and classification
Same-day results could increase breast cancer screening compliance, study shows
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'Scientific misconduct' cited in more than half of retracted radiology publications
Why do many of America's most at-risk veterans decline annual CT lung cancer screening?
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A mammoth accomplishment: CT captures images of an entire ancient tusk
Addressing 'model drift' to recover AI performance before it leads to report errors
VIDEO: Development of AI app stores to enable easier access
VIDEO: Where will radiology AI be in 5 years?
Placental MRI can predict adverse pregnancy outcomes early on in gestation
How do radiologists really feel about adopting AI? New data offer insight
Cardiac MRI reveals that even competitive athletes are subject to reduced cardiac function after COVID
Screening recommendations are disputed, so when are women actually starting their annual mammograms?
New MRI algorithm could qualify more epilepsy patients for surgery
Majority of clinicians support yearly radiation exposure limits, survey reveals
Urgent care centers save hospital systems hundreds of thousands in imaging costs
Whole-body PET image reveals body's immune response to COVID
Educational platform releases AI course geared toward radiology administrators, technologists
Fanning the flames—how burnout initiatives are failing radiologists, according to new survey data
Deep learning, subtraction technique ideal for evaluating stent re-stenosis on coronary CTA
These CT findings increase risk of thromboembolic events for patients with COVID pneumonia
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How 'bunker shifts' increase radiologist productivity and decrease long-list anxiety
'Father of MRI' dies at 86
EHR tracking system significantly improves diagnostic timelines for liver cancer patients
Less experienced radiologists benefit from deep learning models when scouting for intracranial aneurysms
Doc indicted over radiology kickback scheme
Number of new osteopathic radiologists far outpaces new allopathic radiologists
Functional MRI findings could open the door for more accurate ADHD diagnosis and management
New study highlights dangers of metallic fabrics in face masks, athletic clothing for MRI patients
EHR-based solutions to the iodinated contrast shortage reduce usage by 12%
Women at higher risk for COPD thanks to smaller airways, even if they’re nonsmokers
94% of silicone breast implant recipients neglect FDA screening recommendations
Radiation therapy more likely to cause second primary cancer in prostate cancer patients
Why do so few patients utilize online access to radiology results?