October 2018

MRIs beyond 10 Tesla are on the rise internationally
FDA approves USC's 7 Tesla MRI for clinical use
What is moral injury in radiology and how can employees, managers help?
Simple antenna radio probe can improve MRI resolution
US Senator Duckworth, veterans meet over Illinois VA involved in radiology misreads
MRI-trained algorithm can predict breast tumor response to chemotherapy
Single cell imaging reveals novel insight into cancer growth
First neuropathic pain patient in US receives MRI focused ultrasound treatment
MRI reveals the bigger the brain, the greater the cancer risk
ACR’s Allen: Why structured use cases will drive adoption of AI in radiology
3D MR fingerprinting technique shows promise in breast imaging
Novel quantum dots may allow for 3D cell imaging
BCBS Massachusetts to give preference to freestanding imaging centers, leaving ACR concerned
Evidence shows eye scan may identify early Alzheimer’s Disease
International interventional radiology societies commit to expanded stroke training
Researchers succesfully open blood-brain barrier with focused ultrasound in Alzheimer’s patient
New Apple patent could transform 3D printing in medical imaging
Understanding patient experience may reduce unnecessary imaging tests
Patients want BAC included in mammography reporting
MRI reveals cerebellum acts as brain monitor to help improve cognitive, emotional function
ACR Data Science Institute releases use cases to advance AI imaging
MRI-derived brain vessel disease score connected to increased stroke, dementia risk
FDA approves first Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality system for surgical use
X-ray angiography outperforms digital subtraction angiography, reduces radiation exposure 
Emergency departments may be overutilizing neuroimaging for epileptic seizures
Has radiologist burnout finally reached a tipping point?
Combining CT, pathology results can improve lung ground glass diagnosis
Augmented reality helps cardiologists visualize 3D images, plan complex procedures
Novel creation may produce cheaper, safer x-rays
Good Shepherd Hospital installs new Carestream imaging systems to satisfy needs of pediatric, orthopedic specialists
AI detects missed aneurysms in MR angiography with increased sensitivity
New opioids law includes grants for imaging-based pain management research
MRI markers of vascular brain injury associated with higher risk of stroke, dementia
ASTRO 2018: Higher-dose treatments benefit men with low-, intermediate-risk prostate cancer
Can cardiac MRI replace echocardiography for diagnosing pulmonary hypertension?
UC radiology, patient care workers strike over pay, outsourcing, insurance issues
Ambra Health launches first mobile app for medical images
ASTRO 2018: Women receiving weekly breast radiation therapy, daily treatments display similar side effects 
Diffusion tensor imaging can accurately assess renal changes in kidney disease patients with diabetes
Philips unveils new radiation oncology portfolio for a more confident path to treatment at ASTRO 2018
CT imaging of ancient remains creates 3D pictures of Egyptian mummy faces
Clinical trial involving novel PET agent may help Parkinson’s patients
Micro MRI sensor can monitor electromagnetic brain activity
High-dose radiation therapy safe, effective for kidney cancer patients with one kidney
ASTRO 2018: African-Americans with prostate cancer respond better to radiation therapy than Caucasian men
Incomplete ultrasound thyroid reporting underlines need for standardization
Are machine learning applications in brain tumor imaging worth the challenge?
Communication is key: Nuclear medicine departments fail diabetes patients preparing for 18-FDG PET/CT
PET/CT diagnoses blood vessel disease better than biopsy method
Novel molecular CT technique could revolutionize drug discovery
At ASTRO, Siemens Healthineers unveil RT Pro Edition for Biograph Vision for PET/CT radiation therapy planning
Fujifilm announces entry Into U.S. computed tomography market with unveiling of FCT Embrace at ASTRO 2018
New research suggests BI-RADS 3 ultrasound category needs revision
Does display color scale affect diagnostic imaging performance?
Burnout epidemic: Which pediatric radiologists are suffering most?
Study: Delayed stroke treatment precipitates stiff costs for healthcare
Dutch startup develops MRI software to visualize human bone, soft tissue in 3D
How an Ohio system saved money, improved care with enterprise imaging
Phoenix delivers first production accelerator to shine
Researchers find best MRI sequence for whole-body PET/MRI to diagnoses high-risk prostate cancer
Right ventricle strain analysis can aid specific heart failure patients
Do breast density laws affect racial disparities in supplementary screenings?
5 terms to know about machine learning
Setting a new standard for breast care: GE Healthcare introduces Invenia ABUS 2.0
FDA proposes updated guidance for medical device cybersecurity protection
Tulane researcher awarded $1.6M grant to develop prostate cancer scanner
4D flow MRI may reduce frequency of endoscopic screening for varices
Volpara's analysis of 1 million mammograms identifies key quality issues
Is imaging helping or hurting part-time physician employment?
Imaging helps researchers understand brain structure’s impact on language tasks
AI reveals more variation in free-text than standardized radiology reports
MS patient turns brain MRIs into art
MITA supports research denouncing US medical device tax
High-dose radiation therapy improves survival in formerly incurable cancer patients
FDA, DHS expand ongoing efforts to tackle medical device cybersecurity
Philips launches first global start-up collaboration program focused on the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare
Electrocardiographic imaging algorithm may help reduce invasive heart surgeries
Pediatric x-rays for bronchiolitis common despite 'Choosing Wisely' guidelines
Is a sequential or independent decision-support AI workflow more effective?
AI measures breast density as accurately as experienced mammographers
Adoption of Carestream’s Vue Cloud Continues to Grow in United States
Mixed-reality headset enhances accuracy of external ventricular drain insertion
UCLA’s William Hsu named deputy editor of RSNA's new AI journal
Unenhanced CT should be first test for adults with new-onset seizure
AI improves with input from radiologists
Intelerad Launches nuage® Patient Portal Cloud-Based Solution
ACR presents 24 CPT code recommendations at RUC meeting
3D mammography detects 34% more breast cancers than traditional methods
Microscopic imaging of kidney damage from contrast dyes opens door for novel drug therapies
Study: Frequent lung cancer CT screening doesn't improve survival rate
Novel AI approach can help radiologists improve osteoarthritis x-ray diagnosis
Is breast US, mammography or both ideal for women under 40 with focal breast symptoms?
PET quantification method can help improve amyloid pathology assessment
New beauty trend has expectant mothers requesting baby ultrasound manicures
Polio-like condition detected with MRI is targeting US children
ASTRO, industry leaders issue new radiation treatment guidelines for early-stage prostate cancer
Novel brain MRI research may revolutionize study of neurological, psychiatric disorders
4 ways the medical device tax violates sound principles
AI accurately distinguishes between false-positive, malignant, negative mammograms
NVIDIA, King’s College London partner to improve NHS radiology services