May 2022

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MRI-based radiomics boosts triple-negative breast cancer detection
One chemistry professor's role in increasing radioisotope production in the U.S.
Diffusion-weighted MRI boosts detection of locally recurrent pancreatic cancer
AI helps novice medical assistants perform high-quality echocardiograms
ACR working with FDA and HHS to help address imaging contrast shortage
VIDEO: American College of Radiology working with FDA to mitigate contrast shortage
New imaging technique detects post-COVID lung abnormalities
Some respiratory face masks are unsafe for MRIs, study finds
Researcher considers greater role of AB-MRI for patients with personal history of breast cancer
Gadolinium can be used as substitute for iodine contrast in some interventional imaging procedures
VIDEO: Imaging contrast shortage is delaying procedures and causing rationing
Cloud: This Is Enterprise Imaging
Deep learning model accurately detects COVID-19 on chest X-ray images
Deep learning algorithm predicts emphysema mortality
DBT not the superior modality for assessing BI-RADS 4 breast lesions
VIDEO: Gadolinium being substituted for iodine contrast in some procedures due to shortage
Measurements from functional MRI scans offer non-invasive boost in liver disease assessment
Reactive lymphadenopathy slower to resolve after Moderna COVID vaccination
Addressing contrast media shortage in the short, mid and long term
GE provides update on contrast media shortage
Recognizing intimate partner violence injuries on imaging before they escalate
A 'disconcerting' number of patients at high risk of lung cancer put off follow-up care
New 7T MRI scanners could increase radiologists' role in treating neurological conditions
Large study details new associations between breast cancer risk, breast density and benign breast disease
Recruiting diverse radiology residency candidates: 5 tips from program directors
Radiologists who attend tumor boards record fewer errors
New radiohybrid PET imaging agent increases detection of prostate cancer recurrence
Evidence points to optimal MRI sequence for detecting insufficiency fractures
PET/CT offers 'significant prognostic advantage' to patients newly diagnosed with multiple myeloma
Imaging features predict survival in patients with luminal breast cancer
How advanced practice providers could increase revenue in radiology
Radiologist skill level, not preference, to blame for varied diagnoses, new study suggests
Prostate cancer recurrence scoring system yields 'promising' results
Total-body PET scanner detects cancer in 60 seconds
Veterans who experience chronic pain and trauma have connectivity abnormalities on brain imaging
Abdominal CT comparable to DXA for osteoporosis screening
Lung abnormalities completely resolve for majority of COVID pneumonia patients
Preserving contrast media supplies: 7 ACR recommendations
Is coronary heart disease on CT associated with early development of COPD?
Connectivity abnormalities observed on MRIs of insomnia patients
Be prepared: IV contrast media shortage could last up to 8 weeks
ARRS 2022 discusses pitfalls of radiologist 'tunnel vision'
Radiologists should be aware of amyloid-related imaging abnormalities for patients taking Alzheimer's drug
Could cardiac MRI become the reference standard for diagnosing heart failure?
New cardiac MRI analysis offers updated insight into long-term impact of vaccine-related myocarditis
Cardiac implantable electronic devices can be safely reprogrammed to MRI-safe mode via remote operator
VIDEO: Point-of-care ultrasound systems at ACC 2022
Most states' breast cancer screening plans do not comply with USPSTF guidelines
American Indian/Alaskan Native tribes three times more likely to get lung or colorectal cancer
Lung cancer risk increases with emphysema severity
Remote shifts boost radiologist well-being and dilute physician burnout
DL networks augment radiologist performance for thyroid cancer detection
Study urges radiologists to report CAC findings on all chest CTs, regardless of clinical indication